they were kids that i once knew


It’s a different world now.  There are superheroes and aliens and gods running rampant-but what do a bunch of 20 year olds know about that? 

This is before anyone had heard of ‘The Calvary,’ before Nick Fury lost an eye and before the Avengers were even an idea. 

This is when they were Phil, Mel, Tori and Nick: SHIELD recruits, newly minted field agents, bane of Peggy Carter’s existence.

This is Agents of SHIELD, the prequel.  

SHIELD agents are made, not born.

Professor McGonagall going through her storage and finding old homework essays with Lily’s name signed at the very top

Professor McGonagall sorting through detention cards and finding one written out to Sirius Black and James Potter

Professor McGonagall sitting through staffroom discussions of Peter Pettigrew’s bravery

Professor McGonagall hearing meeting Lupin when he comes to meet Dumbledore and hearing that he can’t find work

Professor McGonagall caring so much about her former students because she was there when they grew up and made friends and fell in love and joined the war.


I found another book thief video that really pulled at my heartstrings and thought I would share this one.

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They Were Kids That I Once Knew - Part 2

Look, me dying during the exercise

might have started things going south,

but I was coma girl.

I missed out on all the fun 

of forgetting it wasn’t real.

So, no trauma.

No need for the shrink wrap.

You’re too tough to need help.



Or maybe too tough to admit you need help.

Artemis, it’s not a sign of weakness to open up to your friends.

I know that.

But you still keep secrets from them.

Y-you won’t tell them! 

You can’t!

I won’t,

but you should.

You could start by admitting you’re not really Green Arrow’s Niece.

Pft, right. Could you imagine what Wally would do with that?

Interesting. So the person you’re most concerned about-


is Wally.

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On a random note, my sister’s been playing “Dead Hearts” in her room all day because she’s trying to memorize the lyrics for a recital, and the one thing I’ve taken from those lyrics is this:

Do you ever think about how the professors at Hogwarts witnessed so much shit over the years? They were there for the Riddle era, for the Marauders era, for the Golden Trio era. They were witness to little kids growing up to be monsters imprisoned in Azkaban, they were witness to little kids growing up to be martyrs who gave their lives for their loved ones or for their cause. They were witness to most everything that led to both wars. They saw the villains and the heroes of the story grow up right in front of them, they saw them end up on either Most Wanted posters or obituaries. AND THAT’S JUST REALLY SAD OK. Like, we barely ever give it any thought. We barely ever talk about how, say, Slughorn had to live with the guilt of knowing he inadvertently helped Tom Riddle become who he was, or how McGonagall must’ve felt that moment she turned on Snape, a former student of hers, a co-worker, or, hell, even how during the battle at Hogwarts all these teachers had to fight against Death Eaters they probably taught when they were younger, students that they were never able to save from themselves.


They Were Kids That I Once Knew - Part 6

I was the general

but behaved like a soldier

and sacrificed myself.

I am not fit for command.

I must resign as Team leader.

Who do you recommend to take your place?

Artemis is too raw and untrusting.

Kid Flash too rash and impulsive.

Miss Martian remains too eager to please.

Superboy carries too much anger.

Making Robin the logical choice.

But he is so young.





I cannot shift this burden to him.

Not yet.

It appears I must withdraw my resignation.

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Its one of those nights where my feelings wont go away, this song has been haunting me ever since i first heard it, its causing me to confront how i feel, my thoughts that i try and forget, i can no longer ignore them, its time to confess the truth. 

I miss my friends. 

tell me everything that happened
tell me everything you saw
they had lights inside their eyes
they had lights inside their eyes -
please please tell me what they looked like
did they seem afraid of you?
they were kids that i once knew
they were kids that i once knew

ivypool must be protected at all costs

They were kids that I once knew
They Were Kids That I Once Knew - Part 3

So you want me to believe that after everything you went through,

including your own death from fiery explosion-

you’re peachy.

I’m, uh, fairly certain I never used the word “peachy.”

But, I think you got the gist.

So you really have no interest in confronting your own extreme reaction to Artemis’ death? 

I’d rather talk about you, babe.

Wally, you’re in denial.

I’m comfortable with that.

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