anonymous said:

i love that draeden touching gifset! it's something i noticed throughout the season. for such outwardly stoic, hardened people they sure do touch each other a LOT

oh thanks, and i know right?? this is disgusting they keep touching each other, like he could have let her hands go after stopping her but nAH HE WAS HOLDING THEM THE WHOLE CONVO THIS IS AWFUL and the bandage??? you pass your finger on it once and it’s holding, it’s done, but naH SHE IS PASSING HER FINGER AND PASSING AGAIN YOU KNOW TO MAKE EXTRA SURE ITS GOING TO HOLD, RIGHT!!!!!
get away from each other imirite ugh and the thumb stroking do they really need to???? i hate them, i hate them touching each other and when he touches her whole arm im?? the hair and then shoulder and then elbow and arm and hand what the hell dereK??? PLEASE CONTAIN YOURSELF OH MY GOD THIS IS RIDICULOUS I HATE THEM I WANNA CRY THEY ARE PERFECT