they should its pretty fun


With less than a day out from the girls releasing their first single, it feels like an appropriate time to post this.  This moment was one of the most dramatic (and arguably one of the greatest) turning points of the girls’ nascent careers.  It was the moment that demonstrated the true breadth of the support the girls had built.  The moment that spoke not only to their own success, but also to the dedication of those who believed in their dream, and wanted to share it with them.  The moment that gave us Britney’s stank face (and I thank god every day).

But most importantly, it was the moment that confirmed what we all knew: these girls were set to do great things.  Now, I wasn’t lucky enough to be a part of the fandom on this particular night, so my flailing/screaming happened alone.  But by the power of the interwebs (and a cool tumblr feature), I was able to go back through what my dash would have looked like on that night had I been following all of you then.  So here are the fruits of that that labor: a chance to relive fandom’s reactions, in real-time, to this heart-stopping, jaw-dropping, booty-popping moment.

I can’t wait to see my dash tomorrow :)


Mashup of I Can Go The Distance and Defying Gravity work of Kick Full, all video and pictures found off of tumblr I haven’t been able to get all the source creds done yet annnnd this is the *first draft* of a video I’m trying to make.

***Entertainment purposes only, no copywrite infringement intended***

(If you see any of your gifs/pictures used shoot me a message, I’m still gathering sources for the next draft)

Whenever Moriarty kills someone he makes a total mess. I mean he doesn’t do it often so might as well make the best of it.

But Sebastian isn’t very fond of that idea.

Inspired by this gifset made by the oh so freaking lovely apinchofsanity (check her out! I love her work ffs)

//edit: forgot the fucking facial hair


attempting to do the thing where you embed tiny threads into the silicone to make it look like weins, work in progress.

Halp I am addicted to make prosthetic eyes???


Nocqout’s 2014 Favourite Korean Songs

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In no particular order and I mixed K-Pop with K-Hip-Hop and K-Indie

All of these songs are really great and you guys should listen to them

I’m not tagging anyone because I don’t want to foist this hard work on you lmao this took wayyy to long

btw little update on my life: last week i had my first piano lesson and my first irish dancing lesson so yeah i’m finally doing extra curricular and stuff!