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I was wondering how you felt about the end. When I finished the game, I was so blown away by the end credits. The feels still sting a little since the truth. I will never look at Solas the same way—but I also care for Solas so much! ;_;

i feel like i understand solas so much more! why he was so unsure about starting something with lavellan, why he knows so much stuff about the mark, why he was so mad if lavellan drinks from the well of sorrow, and a lot of the banter with him and cole! uihihhjkjll like it makes sense now but it will be hard to play and see him the same way. im going to be talking to him and be thinking “i know the truth solas….i know” the entire time ughhhh


“My father says she was born lucky. He says I was lucky to be born.”

“You … You can’t treat me like this! You can’t treat me like Zuko!”

wow, we’re identical!
—  my winged eyeliners never

doctor who parallels
» 05x12 vs. 05x13


Both realities. Both realities in my head.


“Every morning they had trained together, since they were big enough to walk; Snow and Stark, spinning and slashing about the wards of Winterfell, shouting and laughing, sometimes crying when there was no one else to see. They were not little boys when they fought, but knights and mighty heroes.


him saying this is so important cuz ppl love to make zayn out to be the member that hates what he’s doing but it’s obviously just not true like if you listen to him talk and actually pay attention to what he says in interviews it’s obvious that he’s doing what he loves and he’s so grateful to be a part of it and sigh it’s like in that one interview when the guy was like “you have a harder time dealing with fame” or whatever and he was just like “i don’t have a harder time with it, it just took me a bit of time to get my head around….but i am used to it now and it’s fun i’m having fun with it so it’s all good” idk I’M JUST VERY PROTECTIVE OVER ZAYN REGARDING THIS


vj: (usually) performing as 7… now performing as 2…
dongwoo: i like it now ㅎㅎㅎ