they look so domestic

LISTEN i will probably never get over that picture of the boys sprawled all over the couch pretending to be asleep it looks so homey so domestic i’m actually going to cry that’s every domestic ot4 fantasy i’ve ever had all wrapped in one picture i’m going to CRY

Mobile-friendly Master Post of Poetry

As promised, here is a mobile-friendly list of links to the original poetry that I’ve posted on Tumblr. Feel free to share, re-blog, and/or send comments. I would dearly love to hear from folks.

Ruby Slippers (1)
Ruby Slippers (2) — Every woman needs a pair of red shoes

If Dante Was a Tourist — And Virgil his tour guide

Half Dozen One Way, Six the Other — A life on a doorsill

Di/vi/ding /up/ the / day — Here is a list of things to do

Cozy, but Slightly Scratchy — The world like a woolen lover

Mother Love — Look

Penelope and Odysseus — So many years ago

Domestic Zen — All the world, like a woolen lover

Verse Epistle 1 — You love pomegranates

Newton’s First Law — (Just     keep     breathing)

What My Mother Taught Me — Tracking his progress was simple

Visiting Nana’s House — Over here, / she bent double

At an Impasse — The last time I spoke to God

Perspective — Sometimes something matters so much

Potential Energy — It was / an abyss

Negotiations — The red-haired man hands me a glass of Irish Cream

Verse Epistle 2 — It’s not that I don’t love our little talks

Verse Epistle 3 (Dear Reader) — When you read poetry

Definitions — I wonder if the kind of love we’ve found is love at all

Sirius Business — I live my life being judged by dogs

Taking Care of Business — Outside, / big fat snowflakes come straight from God

Ars Poetica — She reached into her word hoard

Knowledge Is Water Soluble — It comes out in tears

Just Testing — just a little blood

Epigram — When I walk in winter

The World Is Full of Bad Jokes — Whimsey with a lead feather

Of Marriage and Comfort Food – You’ll need to find a sturdy iron pot

Verse Epistle IV – You are sharp shiny flashing

Power Play – They / play solitaire / in the bathroom

Verse Epistle V (to Pilgrim) – I don’t even know where to send this

What My Father Taught Me – He is the loudest-quietest man I’ve ever met.

Verse Epistle VI (So, This Is What Today Is Like) – The stars were not as bright as they should have been that night

Link to master list of fiction

Afficher davantage

Anonyme a demandé:

☾ ⋆ ☮ ♤ (sleep, sex, living quarters, and cooking?) heacanons. heronstairs

So basically you’re looking for the most domestic AU ever?

Ok, let’s go 

Victorian Era Domestic Heronstairs Headcanons

  • ☮ Will and Jem (magically cured by magic), get a suite of rooms big enough to share as bachelors (actually 90% sure that this is where Infernal War 2 will start except without the magical cure). 
  • ☮ Will fills walls with books to the point that Jem worries he’s going to bankrupt himself on novels. 
  • ☮ Jem is neat. Will is not. Jem tends toward passive aggression when he’s cranky. Will tends toward dramatic outbursts when he’s cranky. As long as they’re not both cranky at the same time, life is very good.
  • ♤ They hire themselves a housekeeper because neither of them can toast bread because they are warriors and gentlemen. She’s kind of Mrs. Hudson like and mothers the hell out of two young men who haven’t had a mother figure since they were kids. (They adore her and would KILL you if you hurt her). 
  • ☾ They give up on sleeping in separate beds before they cross any romantic lines. The yin fen made it almost impossible for Jem to dream and once he’s off it, years of nightmares catch up to him. It’s deeply disturbing to him since he didn’t even realize how much he’d gotten used to not dreaming. Having Will nearby evens out the nightmares and keeps him from panicking when he wakes. 
  • ⋆ They’re committed and exclusive long before either of them realize the potential for a physical relationship. They’re a bit like a married couple by the time they’ve been living together for a year but it simply doesn’t occur to either of them to push past that line. Jem starts it because Jem is the more physical in his expressions of affection and always has been. 
  • ⋆ The physical relationship starts so so very slow. Hugs that last just a fraction too long and then longer the next time. Will using Jem as a footrest. Jem falling asleep with his head in Will’s lap. The abandonment of the second bedroom. Little things like fixing Will fixing Jem’s collar and letting his hand rest against his neck. A hand on his bare chest while drawing a rune. 
  • ⋆ When the physical relationship does cross the line, it happens fast. They go from tentative to all in with the blink of an eye. They’re both affectionate people and their cleaning lady only comes in the mid afternoons to prep meals and sweep. Unless there is a hunt or other Clave business, they have no reason not to spend all their time wrapped up in each other. 
  • ⋆ Will thinks he’s adventurous but really it is Jem who pushes him into new territory. Neither of them say no very often when offered sex so they often get thoroughly distracted from everything else by it. Like leaving a dinner half eaten to go do other things with their mouths because Will made an off colour joke and Jem raised his eyebrow in just that way. 
FT 438 thoughts (GRUVIA)

OKAY. Okay. So another let-down huh? Well, first of all let me say Hiro needs to regroup Fairy Tail so that means no love affairs for a moment, amaright? So again let’s just wait for whatever happens next.

SPOILER if you haven’t read the chapter then don’t read this.

Afficher davantage

10 different groups. 10 different biases.

got tagged by areumdaunnnview thank you cutie pie! :3

this one’s gonna be hard tbh…I’m gonna cheat okay. just a little bit.

1. EXO - Minseok (my ultimate above all people on this planet. shy bun with beautiful eyes. can step on me all he wants) & Jongdae (the sexiest man living. poodledae looks so domestic I wanna hide in the corner and cry myself to sleep. voice of an angel. my sassy spirit animal)

2. SHINee - Key (my sweet caramel cupcake. I’m high-key convinced he’s actually an alien. diva. I can’t stop using culinary tags with Kibum)

3. BTS - Hoseok (the ray of sunshine in my life. i live to see him smiling. dancing skills are on point)

4. Red Velvet - Seulgi (my otherwordly queen who can use me as her furniture. beautiful voice. total dork) 

5. UNIQ - Yixuan (my husband material….yeah, I’m an Yixuan stan, there’s like 7 of us already :’))) )

6. VIXX - Taekwoon (always bitter about everything. my soulmate. great facial bone structure)

7. Block B - P.O (hoarse voice. fierce af when rapping and basically takes my soul out with bare hands. innocent clumsy bunny who secretly needs the most protection)

8. Super Junior - Donghae (silly fishy. the best voice in suju u can fight me on this. actually almost 30 but seems like he forgot about it. high-key my true daddy)

9. CNBLUE - Yonghwa (idiot but a handsome one. strange teeth I adore them. voice can make me tear up in 2 secs. my fave in all kdramas) 

not gonna to tag anyone but feel free to tag me if you feel like doing this!

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You know an awful lot about cat domestication

Hah, well, I tend to do this thing where when something interests me, I look up a ton of stuff about it so I know pretty much everything I can about it. Having owned a lot of cats and wondered why they act the way they do, I started looking into their behavior and body language, so I could be the best cat owner possible. And lo and behold, I stumbled across the papers and studies showing cats aren’t entirely domesticated. So I started looking into that, and filed away all the information for later use. I’m just glad it finally came time for me to be able to use that information. XD

Now, if only that would happen with my extensive knowledge of Julio-Claudian Emperors…

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"We live together. You can't blame this on anyone else."

Domestic Starters 

Ok, so. I know what it looks like. But this stain in the carpet has been there since we bought it!

It’s not like I had an accident with juice this morning and tried to use a spell to remove but it only got worse…

Why are there so many domestic housewive-looking women in the “chainsaw holding“ image browsing in Google? What does this reflect of my browsing history?? I expected browsing that would be mildly creepy or uncomfortable, but not in that way.

There’s also a run-of-the-mill (hehe) businessman, several images of the same guy, in fact, and I think that is hilarious.

Anonyme a demandé:

Five Facts 11 and 20

11. Five facts about your pet. If you have more than one, pick one. Or do them all!

1.) I don’t personally have any pets, but my family and I live in the same city and at the homestead we have two cats – Tuxedo and Yoda.

2.) My first pet was a cat named Muppet.

3.) The only non-cat I’ve ever wanted as a pet was a domestic fox. Those look so cool.

4.) Our family’s favorite pet, Thomas, passed away last year. It broke my heart.

5.) One time he crawled up into the cabinets and got stuck in the silverware drawer. I went to get a spoon but the drawer wouldn’t open and wen’t “MROW” instead.

20. Five facts about any random person (it could be more facts about somebody already mentioned or somebody else you’d like mentioned here).

1.) My older brother is the smartest guy I know.

2.) He has similar interests to my Dad, but is much kinder and friendlier than I.

3.) He started balding around age 20. Thank god I missed that problem.

4.) He has a fantasticly awful bushy beard. I keep telling him to get it professionally styled.

5.) He named the cat Yoda. She’s a girl. And jet black. Bad naming job on his part. 

Here we go here we go here we gooooo.......

Here comes the UK, we look so domesticated…… oh shit we’re funky! Although, we could be a little better……… okay….. that bit was good…. do that Bubba bit again, you sounded like the ape out of the jungle book…. that was good.