Pisces is the dreamer of the zodiac.

He is selfess, spiritual and very focused on his inner journey. Many people associate him with dreams and secrets, and it’s a fair association. It’s a pair of Fish that represents him, a symbol that prompts others to suggest that he ‘goes with the flow’ and ‘doesn’t make waves’. Although he is caught being a dreamer sometimes (..) he won’t stay away for too long. He is compassionate, charitable and will quickly put the needs of others ahead of his own. It’s this kind of self-sacrifice that keeps him going. He feels a great deal, and, although he’s not quite a pushover, he’s certainly sensitive. Yes, he could cry you a river if the circumstances were right. Even so, he revels in his compassionate and imaginative natures and loves to cater to others, however never admitting to his kindness. It’s this modesty that makes him so intriguing and inviting and most of all, lovable.

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YouTube FanFiction Preferences – Cold Weather: (Jaspar, Janya, Phan, Zalfie)


Joe had decided that he didn’t like winter, especially when Caspar was visiting his family and wasn’t around. The apartment always managed to retain a cold atmosphere and it felt empty without Caspar filling it with his laughter and presence.

What Joe particularly didn’t like was going to bed alone.

With Caspar, the bed was always warm and it was nice to fall asleep together. Without Caspar though, it was always cold and Joe didn’t like crawling into the icy bed when Caspar wasn’t around to keep him warm.

Going to bed that night was like climbing into a fridge and Joe had started wearing hoodies to bed, just to try and fight the cold. As his teeth chattered, Joe tried to stay positive with the thought that Caspar was coming back tomorrow and he’d finally get a good night’s sleep.

After another night of barely getting any sleep, Joe was curled up on the sofa, falling asleep when he should have been waiting for Caspar to get home.

So when Caspar finally walked through the door later that afternoon, he found Joe asleep on the sofa. Caspar went to kneel beside him, kissing his forehead, “Hey, Joe. I’m back, wake up.”

Joe mumbled, pushing Caspar away, “This is your fault.” He said, trying to get back to sleep. Perhaps if he hadn’t of been so tired, he would have been nicer to Caspar, who had just gotten off a very long, tiring flight.

“What’s my fault?” Caspar asked, slightly amused by Joe’s ramblings.

“You left.”

Caspar frowned, “Joe, I have to visit my family.”

Joe sighed, sitting up, “How was it?” He was trying to be nicer and take an interest in Caspar’s trip, but his voice was tense with aggravation because he just wanted to sleep and Caspar had woken him up.

“It was good. Mum said you should come next time.”  Caspar answered, but it was obvious he was annoyed at Joe for being spiteful, “So…What’s my fault?”

“I couldn’t sleep at all!” Joe seethed, rubbing his tired eyes.

“That’s not my fault-“

“Yes, it is, because the bed was cold, and you weren’t here to keep me warm!”

Joe was embarrassed by his outburst and looked away. But he felt Caspar sit beside him, wrapping his arms around Joe tenderly. The warmth was there immediately and Joe lent into it, hugging Caspar back.

“I’ve missed this.” Joe admitted.

“So have I.”  Caspar nodded, kissing the top of Joe’s head.


It was heavily raining, and Jim and Tanya were rushing to get home. They were struggling to fit under one umbrella as they jogged through the rain and because Tanya was holding the handle, Jim either got rained on, or the umbrella would hit him in the head.

“Can’t you let me hold it?” Jim grumbled, as the rain began to soak through his sleeve.

“I just want to get home, not argue over who’s holding the umbrella.” Tanya replied.

Jim sighed, “Well, hold it a bit higher then.”

“I can’t hold it any higher.”

“Then let me hold it-“Jim was so distracted by their bickering that he tripped and fell straight into a puddle.

“Are you alright?” Tanya gasped, confused when Jim started laughing as he laid on the wet pavement. It was a funny sight, and soon, Tanya was laughing as well. So much so, she slipped and almost landed on top of Jim.

They were getting funny looks from other people on the street, but they were oblivious as they laughed together,

“We’re going to catch a cold if we stay here.” Tanya finally said. Jim leaned forward to kiss her before standing up and offering a hand to Tanya,

“We better go home then.”

And this time, Jim held the umbrella.


They were heading back to the apartment after a day vlogging their Christmas shopping. Dan was holding the camera, talking about how icy it was when he spotted a lamppost,

“Hey Phil, I dare you to lick that lamppost.”

They walked over, and Phil placed his hand on the metal, pulling it back immediately, “But it’s really cold.”

“That’s the point.” Dan rolled his eyes, pointing the camera at Phil and smiling, “Go on, it’ll be funny.”

“What if my tongue gets stuck?”

Dan scoffed, “That’s just a myth.”

Phil sighed, shaking his head before taking a step closer to the lamppost and sticking his tongue out. He was cautious at first, edging slowly closer to the metal before he gave in and licked up the metal pole.

He didn’t realise until he tried to pull his tongue off that it wouldn’t move. Phil immediately began panicking, “Dan! Dan! Help! My tongue’s stuck!”

It came out muffled and unintelligible though because Phil couldn’t close his mouth. He felt a burning sensation thanks to the cold, but Dan was just laughing.

“Dan!” Phil whined, and Dan managed to muffle his laughter enough to help,

“Try breathing on it to make it warm again.”

Phil did but it wasn’t working, “You’re gonna have to go get some hot water.” He told Dan desperately.

“What?” Dan stopped laughing, barely understand Phil apart from the words ‘hot water’, “Where from?”

“Run home.”

Dan groaned, knowing he was to blame so he should help Phil get unstuck. He began jogging down the street, feeling guiltier every second. He was almost sprinting by the time he got inside the apartment and hurried to get a glass of warm water.

He had to speed walk back with it, trying not to spill any. Over five minutes had passed by the time Dan got back, and Phil was still hopelessly stuck to the lamppost.

Dan hurried forward, pouring the water over Phil’s tongue until Phil could pull away from the lamppost.

He immediately started walking away, and Dan had to run forward to catch up. He was clutching a stitch and panting as he tried to talk to Phil, “What’s wrong?”

Phil glared at him, “I can’t believe you tricked me.”

“I’m sorry.” Dan said, and Phil seemed surprised at the apology.

They were walking for a while before Phil finally spoke again, “My tongue hurts.”

Dan smiled, grabbing Phil’s arms so they were looking at one another, “Do you want me to kiss it better?”

At least when they kissed, Phil couldn’t complain anymore.


It was December, and snow was gently falling outside; it was hopefully the start of a white Christmas and Zoe would have been excited about putting decorations up and buying presents, if she wasn’t so cold.

“Is the heating on?” She asked, and Alfie sighed,

“Yeah, it’s quite high actually.”

They were watching late night reality TV together on the sofa, yet Zoe had been complaining of being cold all night.

She wrapped her arms around herself, “I’m still so cold though.”

Alfie laughed, “It is winter, Zoe.” She stuck her tongue out at him and out of sympathy, he stood up to find something to keep her warm. “I’ll be right back, I’m just looking for something…”

He went straight to the bedroom, looking under the bed and finding the abandoned sofa throw he wanted. It was thick and warm, so Alfie hoped this would help Zoe.

He went back with the fluffy sofa throw, reckoning that would it be good enough as a large blanket. Zoe saw it and she smiled in relief; it definitely looked cosy.

“Here.” He said, handing it to Zoe as he sat down again, “Wrap yourself up in that.”

“Thanks.” She said, moving around until she’d become engulfed in the material. She stopped complaining immediately, turning to the TV with content.

After a few minutes, Alfie just couldn’t resist. He moved over, and Zoe silently let him into her warm nest. He began kissing down the back of her neck, moving slowly and he heard Zoe give a shaky breath,

“What are you doing?” She asked quietly, almost a whisper and Alfie smirked,

“I’m warming you up.”

it’s such a struggle because objectively i recognise that loki is deserving of and entirely responsible for his current predicament and i know that i shouldn’t feel sorry for him because he already feels sorry enough for himself as it is

and yet


can we talk about that time Liam fireman carried Niall into an interview



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i was talking to bethany last night and discussed dean avoiding his responsibilities by taking advantage of his new abilities

i hope you are all ready for an entire summer of stupid demondean comics

(aND TO CLARIFY:#also i don’t know if the antipossession tattoo would keep him trapped in his own body or not #and sam could totally say an exorcism backawards to get him to stay in his vessel #MY COMICS CAN HAVE PLOTHOLES OKAY)


Will “do you even lift” Graham


short people problems



a new obsession

its messy and not anatomically accurate and really really rushed but frozen genderbends