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CC Recolors Dump! 5 different sets of CC recolors.


  • First I am adding the matching Lounger RCs to the Studio Bakonmi Set RCs I released. I couldn’t work out the swatches before S4S but with the new update, the swatches work. You will need the mesh for the recolors to work. Find it here
  • Recolors of Angela’s Pure Living Sofa, Living Chair and 1 tile Shutters. The sofa and living chairs have duo tones, upper and lower colors. I liked it and kept my little mistake. The mesh is not included, you need to get the meshes here. I used 50mmsims color pallet for the shutters. The preview doesn’t show off the colors well, but they are different in game. :)
  • Love, love, love KK’s Jean Provue modern chair so I am sharing my recolors of that gem. You can get the mesh here. Again the lighting and terrible preview doesn’t show the colors off well, one is suppose to beige and the other is a pale green. *sigh*
  • Last but not least, Ung999′s Cedar Bedroom Living Chair RCs, one of my favorite modern furniture creator and I love this chair. You will need to get the mesh for the recolors to work. Get it here.


  • EA for the Sims 4 game
  • The CC creators mentioned above in the details, without them I couldn’t do the recolors. I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my game without all the creators out there. Thank you. *HUGS*
  • Created with Sims 4 Studio- Joy Edition
  • 50mmsims for the color pallets
  • pdn plug-in

Download: (trying something new, hope it works)

OneDrive Mediafire Dropbox

If there are any problems, throw me an Ask, I will help. 

Whoa! I’m over 350 followers! What?! Dang it, I am busy to share anything else because they are working on the apartment. Would you accept this as a gift or wait on 400? LOL! Thank you very much for joining me on my recolor journey. I appreciate everyone! *HUGS*

Made a mistake, ooobsooo is not KK. So sorry to both creators for any problems.


I fixed the dropbox link that was missing the Bakonmi set. Sorry about that.

anonymous asked:

Are there times Levi calls Hange by her name and not those "shitty glasses" nicknames?

yeah levi uses hange’s proper name a lot, particularly in the uprising arc but I have noticed he tends to do it only when shit is bleak and serious for them both. like when hange is distressed over pastor nick, and when later on when levi apologises for squad hanjo getting gunned down on his watch (and by his own uncle like sweet fucking jesus that would make for some awkward family BBQ’s) . otherwise it’s “shitty-glasses” and “four-eyes”. a lot. like, all the fucking time.  

Just your monthly reminder that just because Hange has boobs, long hair, and a feminine voice, it doesn’t automatically mean that Hange absolutely must be a cis woman and nothing else.


HEY taylorswift

okay so my best friend Stephanie strauuberry​ (who you should follow by the way because she’s awesome) hung out the other night and we were being silly and ended up writing a song about how excited we are that our concert is coming up so soon lolol 

so here are the lyrics……and there is a video that needs to be edited that goes along with it but for now i’ll spare you our horrible singing and just post the lyrics lol. WE LOVE YOU WE’RE SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU ON JULY 11!!!!

July 11th
Metlife Stadium
We’re gonna see some incredible things
Section 213
Row 11
You better look out for me
So Tay, let’s be friends
I’m dying to see how this night ends
Grab your posters and a pen
I could be artistic just for a weekend

Gonna remember this forever
We’re gonna go insane
We wont leave when it’s over
Security thinks we’re a pain
Got lots of things to tell you
You’re gonna know my name
Cuz you know we love your music
And you love TUMBLR!

We just wanna see Calvin
Remix one of your songs
It’ll leave us breathless
We’ll all need gravestones
Or maybe invite Kendrick
And let him rap Bad Blood
Just sing Blank Space baby
And we won’t complain

this is just a preview i know you’re dying for more but there’s a video coming sooooo i’ll let you look forward to hearing the rest then. 

…so yeah if you ever need any co-writers for your next album hit us up. SEE YOU SOON YAY

Alice sat on a lone barstool, away from all of the other patrons while sipping on her third whiskey sour. She was doing her best to use her hair to hide the bruises on her face that was a result from her altercation with Ryan, she didn’t want to be around anyone at the moment with the state she was in, so when someone came and sat down next to her she couldn’t help the groan that slipped past her lips. “Unless you’re going to buy me a drink, I suggest you find another place to sit.”