In seventh grade, it took him months to get used to angling his textbook and notes away from the arm she always slung around to prop on his desk, as if it were her space to have. 

In eighth grade, he expected it but he still didn’t like it; maybe a fourth of a desk didn’t sound like much, but when the books are bigger and the tests longer, it was space he needed.

Ninth grade, he had accepted it as something he couldn’t change and spent their lectures drawing mediocre cartoons of cowboys and horses and grass plains on her arm, taking up her space instead.

Tenth grade, he held her hand for the constant warmth of her skin seeping into his palm in the always cold classroom; the only space they needed was the space between their fingers.

Eleventh grade was the year of too much space. 

By twelfth grade, he was back between her fingers, feeling more at home than he had last, and decided once and for all that if she wanted it, he would gladly trade all of his space for her. 

if you want to know where i’ve been for the past several days it’s “wallowing in my own misery”

idk what it is, i just feel…totally dragged down, not even wanting to get into dealing with people in any sort of capacity

so i need to focus on working, self-care, making some phone calls…hblbllbll.

i do miss chatting with people and brainstorming shit, i’ve just totally not been into it, lmao. need to work on it…

anonymous said:

Bruh I'm kinda sad because like everyone on here is always talking about like smut fanfic and sex just sex and boobies and all that jazz everywhere and like idk I'm asexual and I feel really out of place here like I'm a little kid or something. I'm sorry this isn't going to help anything and you probably have no idea what in talking about I'm sorry I'm just complaining.

nonono i get it (as much as any bisexual with my libido can possibly get it at least), my best friend is ace and i think about that stuff all the time… let me just tell you its ok and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it lil homie. you do you, bruh. i know the internet is kinda sex crazed at best but there’s also a lot of other hella rad stuff and good vibes all around so just focus on the stuff you feel the happiest around and remember you dont need to fit in, you just need to be healthy and happy

Watch on

Every best friends needs a handshake like that x




not all  m o n s t e r s, do  m o n s t r o u s  things.

                l i k e   w h o ?  l i k e   s c o t t .