they are really just mini text posts

See those mini pixels I made for me and some peeps? I’m thinkin of maybe making a BUNCH more to put there, probably a big Smash set… or maybe just the ones I’d need

if any mutual would want a mini pixel of a Smash character lemme know ok I’ll totally make it and put you there. just tell me what character and if nobody’s asked for it yet it’s yours!


From what I’ve been seeing, a sequel to Ache would be much appreciated, heh. And there will be, once I sort everything out. So yeah, that’s on the list of stuff to do. Speaking of stuff I wanna do, I’m thinking about revamping the old zombie au, see what I can do to make it better. Like when artists redraw their old stuff to see how much they’ve improved? Like that! 

So, uh…yeah! Just a little mini update, I guess. Always subject to change tho, just warning ya - inspiration comes and goes, you know what I’m saying? Okay well, thus concludes this longwinded text post. Thanks for all the love like really you guys are the sweetest most perfect people idk what i’d do without yall and remember I love y’all too! Kay? Kay!

- gabs