they are beyond cute like


Sol International’s Rin and Haruka Free! Plushies “Chokonto Friends” (Free!ぬいぐるみ ちょこんとフレンズ)!!!

They are so chubby and adorable, and look just like Sol International’s artwork in 3D form! Their jackets come off to reveal furry little noodle arms, and they can do a little high touch too!! Rin’s tiny smirk is so cute, and Haru’s sweet little serious face is beyond cuteness.

I feel like I waited forever for these and they are so worth it. I am so glad they come in little display boxes as well, their spot on my shelves was all ready and waiting for them for MONTHS!!

Also included some pics of them with the busunuis for size comparisons, and some other Sol International goods to compare the art styles.

Accurate representation of my reaction to anyone in Japan who’s seen Mirai-hen.

it’s not that i always need a crush but idk i enjoy having crushes????? like i enjoy all the dreaming and tension and the excitement and atm i don’t really have any that exist anywhere beyond me being like: well i think ya a cute fuck tonne BUT they aren’t like progressable or nothin 

i want some sort of like two people dancing slowly around the point shit 

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This is beyond cute oh my gosh! I’m like dying for feels this is sooooo cute KLAINE INDEED MY FRIEND I SEE YOU I KNOW WHO YOU ARE KLAINON but your identity is safe with me! Carry on with spreading klaine love DONT LET IT DIE DOWN!

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You are beyond cute. And you seem like you have a really great personality and you just seem like you would be really fun to hangout with

Aw thank you so much! You just made my day. :)

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you are the cutest!!! seriously, i think its beyond cute the way you care about your followers, like when they send you asks about their life problems and the way you help them! i love u so muchhhhh

s toP ur the cute one this mesSAGE IS SO NICE :( but i just like talking to u guys and helping if i can, and like its not like im a busy person either, i just sit around all day 😂 i enjoy blogging and talking/helping u guys lol it keeps me somewhat sane thank u for this message ur so cute ilysm ❤️❤️

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Vomit / Don’t like / Okay / What / Cute / Adorable / Sexy / Perfect / Beyond flawless / Hot damn / Screaming and crying / I will love them in hell

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Here goes nothing. Seriously your just hella beyond cute like, kinda just wanna cuddle with you but then kinda just wanna push you up against a wall and tease the hell outta you. You've just gotta the best smile and it's amazing.

haha wow thanks 😅✌️