anonymous said:

who are they/what are their names/what would you like to do with who

These people are mainly local and I see them sorta regularly (most of them):

8bitoyster (Kaitlyn)
-this isn’t her current Tumblr because she hasn’t given me HER NEW URL. we’d like hang out and get high and be awesome and eat pizza and save the universe.

ismokethatchronic (Kristin)
-hang out, get high, watch awesome movies, dance, other fun things :)

dykettle (Ashley Da)
-i dunno. talk about aliens i suppose.

nos0ul (Ashley Mc)
-hang out for the very first time ever despite having the same friends D:

asphyxiatingnoise (Codi)
-nothing at all.

straystars (Meghan)
-i don’t really know…talk about books and life and how weird our families are?

mikeymae10 (Mikey)

thewaythatwefall (Liz)
-GET MY KNIFE BACK. i miss my knife :(

elisamargita (Elisa)
-she lives in germany - but - we’d go on an epic roadtrip to Italy and have real pizza :5