Starter Open: Inside Regina's Castle continued

So many captives, so little time! Regina gleefully laughed as her guards dragged Mulan off to the tower where she’d locked Emma Swan a few days ago. Her parents still hadn’t come looking for her, they probably thought she was off on some adventure. Jefferson was still trapped in the special room as far as she knew. Regina didn’t really want to have to imprison someone who’d been so useful, but there was no way she was letting him have Grace back when aside from Nox, the girl had been the only company she’d had since she left Jefferson in Wonderland. Or…anytime in the last few decades, really.


I stood my mouth still open. Aurora came a bit closer to me taking my hands within hers telling me, “I didn’t know if you were going to come back…but I’m glad you did.” Her smile opened up into a glorious gleam and her eyes were shining in the sun. All i could do was follow her smiles with my own. I felt my heart beat out of my chest What do I do now? I felt my whole being become possessed by some outside force and my body began to lean into hers. I felt her lips upon mine. They were so soft, like how I imagined all those days and nights with her by my side. 

I heard Lin sigh with happiness for me as we parted. “Now what?” Aurora asked her countenance filled with love and joy. “Now…you shall meet my family.” I felt my heart sink when I said those words. I don’t even know how they will react. Aurora looked into my eyes with joy, “Your family?!” Aurora hugged me with triumph ready for anything with me, but I couldn’t help but look at Lin with fear. My family hadn’t seen me in years and now I bring a woman with me? What would they think of me?

I saw Lin give an encouraging smile and mouthed, “They’ll be okay…” I replied to her equally quiet, “I hope so…” 

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"It’s okay" I whispered when I heard Mulan talking to me, biting my lip a little. I rested my head…

As we got closer the Camelot, I began feeling terribly anxious and worried. I didn’t want to have any trouble, or even a conflict at that. I felt Aurora’s head resting on my back. It was soothing and inviting, and I wanted her to to do all the time. To hug me from behind, but not like this. 

The horse a few times spooked on our journey, and I had to handle him roughly, but other than that we came to Camelot safely. But, an eerie feeling came upon me as I noticed no one was out and about. The streets were silent and desolate. “Stay on the horse, Aurora.” I spoke sternly and worried as I got off the horse taking my sword from its holster. “Something isn’t right…” 

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I was already half asleep when I felt Mulan cleaning the blood of my lip and laying down next to me. In other…

I felt Aurora’s warm body press against my back. I wanted to turn her way and hold her in my arms as she slept, but I felt I shouldn’t. I was already avoiding telling her the truth, and this would stir the truth up. So instead I just closed my eyes and fell asleep. 

I awoke in a fright, thinking I had overslept. But as I peeked outside, the sun was only beginning to rise. I felt Aurora’s arms around me as I stirred from my sleep. She was still warm, and had kept me warm throughout the night. I carefully tried to turn to face her, not wanting to wake her. 

I brushed the loose strands of hairs than fell into her face tucking them behind her ear. “I’m sorry if I cannot tell you the truth…” I barely mouthed out. “It’s my pride that is getting in the way…and I’m sorry.” I kissed her forehead before getting up to prepare the horse for Camelot. 

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Aurora’s vision was blurry, partly because of the rain, partly because of how dizzy she felt. She tried to stand…

"Who…who’s there?" She softly called out as I rushed to her side, "Aurora…" I whispered out of breath, it seemed she had taken all of my breaths. I untied my cape and wrapper it around her frail body, she was shivering and muddy. "I’ll get you to safety!" I told her as I hoisted her up in my arms. She was lighter than I had ever imagined. The rain poured onto us quite harshly as my feet sank into the muddy path. I tried to hurry, but my feet were clumsy in this mud.