Vivian Trinh.

I thought I’d post about my girl best friend. I don’t think I ever done anything like this for anyone, so you better read this you little whore. We haven’t hung in awhile, but I do remember some shit we’ve done together. I met you around the beginning of this year when TG was still a group, we didn’t talk much, but became closer when I got with your best friend. You helped me out a lot when it came to her and you seem to always be there with the best advice. I think my advice is better, but ya’ know that’s just meee. :) You haven’t gone to me for any problems in awhile! I remember when I used to randomly visit you after school last year, you’re such a unique girl. I remember the first time me and christian went to your house, and you took out the whip cream + takis. LOOOL, remember when we made a mustache out of the whip cream and you filled my mouth with it! Shitttt, memories. We need to make more memories, say girl, movies this Saturday? I love you best friend, if you don’t read this I will cut a baby’s throat.