• doccubus-geek said::( awww I’m sorry, huggz!
  • kamikazeekennedy said:you know, they make a marshmellow gun. since hurting people is illegal, shooting people with marshmellows is not. it might help. :) and make you laugh because.. well.. MARSHMELLOWS!
  • thevalkubus said::-(
  • Thanks, guys! Sorry it took so long for me to reply. Yeah, it'll go away eventually. It always does. And as for the marshmallows... I'm too MELLOW for that. ;) Oh that was a really bad joke.

anonymous asked:

Why your URL is imherseestra?

Because of RC. When I first enter tumblr (about a year ago) she became my friend. I had a different url that time… I think it was justbemyslave or something like that, and I change it one day when I was talking with her about Orphan Black.

Basically RC is my seeestra from anotha meeestra. She is the best thing here and she is the only reason why I stayed here. 

Now she’s not so active on tumblr anymore, but we talk trough facebook, whatsapp, yahoo, skype… basically anything else than here. 

She’s the only friend that outgrown tumblr. 

So it’s imherseestra because I am her seeestra. :)