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R&B singer, songwriter and actor Ne-Yo has battled Nazis, rival step teams and even aliens on screen.  But he really isn’t into battling his singing peers. On the eve of his fifth album, R.E.D. (Realizing Every Dream) the multihyphenate has been making the rounds talking about his new single “Let Me Love You” and has run into a few snags during on-air discussions. The Grammy Award winning artist has made a career of being honest and conveying emotion, but he is learning that there is a time and place for everything.

In the first part of his interview with, Ne-Yo clears up the back-and-forth between he and Trey Songz and declares that there is no such as an R&B thug.

Denzel Washington On Michael Jackson Coming Over For Fried Chicken

by Michael Arceneaux

Denzel  shared a story about the time the late King of Pop rolled up to his house and ate up all their fried chicken:

Daniel: How about … Michael Jackson?
Denzel: Michael had fried chicken at my house.
Daniel: What was that like?
Denzel: That was cool.
Daniel: So you invited him to your house?
Denzel: He came over, I forget why, I think my wife had invited him, and he came over, and I was like, “He can eat!” He was going to town, man.
Daniel: What year of Michael was this? This was Bubbles-era Michael, or …
Denzel: We were in our old house, so it had to have been before ’99. We moved in ’99.
Daniel: Right, and anything that you remember other than he ate a lot?
Denzel: I just remember my kids coming downstairs and just staring at him. They were just standing there like [imitates shocked face]. I said, “Say hello,” and they go, “Hello Mr. Jackson … OK, good-bye.”
Daniel: [Laughs.]
Denzel: They were just like, “Michael Jackson’s in the house.”

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