Not missing the beach.  Not missing hot steamy days in the city.   Found an Asian market in Broomfield, CO.  Right above the nasty box of big live frogs is a tank of live lobsters.  I ask the man who doesn’t speak of word of English, where they are from, he answers with one word, “Boston.”   Right answer.  ”I’ll take 4”  

Photograph by George Lange for The Unforgettable Photograph.

Asher is not crying over spilled pediasure last night.  The neon pink toenail is concerning.  This was shot after dark on the front steps. There is ALWAYS enough light.

Have been using the new Adobe Creative Cloud suite the last day.   Big  moan over pricing (although a great deal if you own CS6).  Big thrill with the functionality.   Very clean and smart.

Photograph by George Lange for The Unforgettable Photograph


George Lange talks Unforgettable Photographs on this Liberty Treehouse interview!

Check it out! 

Someone climbed up while I was making breakfast and got the ipad.  No light bad boy.  There is always light.

Photography by George Lange for The Unforgettable Photograph

Jackson with his Little League coach. Love getting layers going - the boys in the front, then the fence and the high five. Asher’s just waiting until he’s old enough.

Capture the moment, shoot your life.

More tips on layering in photography in The Unforgettable Photograph

As I was graduating from art school at RISD and headed to NY, I stopped to see a famous photographer, Aaron Siskind who had agreed to look at my portfolio. He paged through it quickly, looked up and said, “These pictures are not nearly as good as you are.” 

I have spent my whole photographic life since trying to understand what he meant and to bridge that gap. After photographing all over the world as a professional, shooting presidents and factory workers, celebrities and all the characters they play, closed sterile rooms and big open spaces - I realized I was after the same thing whether for work or my family at home - they were all photographs of my own experience. The more I shot, the more comfortable I got, the FREER I became. I wanted the photographs to document more what I was feeling, rather than only what I was seeing.

After a career happily spent on my side of the camera, Workman Press is publishing a book in September called, “The Unforgettable Photograph” which will share all kinds of tips I figured out along the way. Tips for making your pictures more intimate and fun. Tips for getting beyond surfaces to the soul of your experience. Tips for photographing what that kiss felt like. Tips for photographing what that dessert tasted like. Tips for creating photographs that are as special as you are.

We are all photographing everyday. Capturing our experience. Sharing with everyone we love. Creating personal histories one image at a time. The Unforgettable Photograph will help make your photographs more about you. That is something special.


Photography by George Lange for The Unforgettable Photograph

Doing this interview with Mark St.Amant required completely emptying all my pockets before the wash cycle. By the time Mark pulled me out after a hard fast spin, I was a better man. Thanks to Mark for taking me down this road and not hanging me out to dry.