Misadventure126-DAI: Intinital Meeting 

Finally I finished it. Please forgive lazy background and shading orz. Basically this is how my Lavellan met Iron Bull. I slipped down the ledge by failing my WASD-ing. Since the dashing rescue was not intentional, I settled with this headcanon. 

  • Solas:I have heard your books are very popular, Master Tethras.
  • Varric:I do all right.
  • Solas:I am glad of it.
  • Varric:Really? No sarcasm, no superior attitude?
  • Solas:We live in a dark and angry time, child of Stone. So much of what people believe has come crashing down.
  • Solas:If you bring them a little peace with the worlds you make between the pages, you have done more than most.

Lazy Misadventure : Break Ups Care

I’m not sure how it’s called out there. When you got out of bad break ups and your friends decided to party it up for you to ease your mind. 

Anyway, dedicated for you Solasmancers out there, I hope this helps :)
(But seriously wtf Solas) . In my f!Lavellan play I managed to have the girls liked me to the point Vivienne gets worried for every step I take. That’s an accomplishment…considering how rigid she is. After the break up I think Vivienne would be the first one my Inquisitor would go. 

Will color this if I’m not that lazy. 

Other Lazy Misadventure


Kind of OC masterpost (full size link:[x])

Actually some are missing though, I put all the characters whose color palette is settled.

Color of names indicates the world they’re currently in, same color means they’re existing in a same world.

From left to right, up to down -

Triffid / Imp / TG / Ailis / Aurea / Ye Hwa / Siez Aleza / Avain / Dis&Melor / Thetra / Kisil / Yirumina / Austin / Heine / Weaver / Jaswu / Mijor / Skasa Roxide / Locust / Chisa / Guargateia / Carmen / Tizzy / Sumin

  • Listen

A little bit of Varric in my life
A little bit of Anders by my side
A little bit of Zevran is all I need
A little bit of Cullen is what I see
A little bit of Alistair in the sun
A little bit of Michel all night long
A little bit of Fenris here I am
A little bit of you makes me your lass

Quería dibujar algo rápido y este estilo me facilita la idea, muchos colores y salen dos demonios (o gigantes) enamorados (?)

Los gigantes renegados de Zwart son simplemente gigantes que no tuvieron el privilegio de conformar el molde del mundo, pero creo que si tomamos la historia de estos seres con un punto de vista mitológico es cierto que tienen el papel de “demonio” para la cultura Zwartiana, así como Seth’Nhajt tiene muchas características de gigante de Morheim.

En fin, omitiendo tanta verdura, tenia ganas de dibujarlos así de bobos, quizás continué la historia…


Lazy Misadventures : Slip of the Tongue
I’m not sure if I should use ma vhenan or lethallin here. Anyway, my headcanon is Solas is the second person who knew about Inquisitor and Bull’s ‘involvement’ due to Lavellan slipped ‘ma vhenan’ in his conversation somewhere.

Anyway, if Bull ever shout those words again I don’t think any of us could put a straight face.. 

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