Odd Boost

As a semi-direct result of one of my earlier posts, I was encouraged to purchase Portal. I found out that I

  1. Didn’t need an Xbox or Ps3 or whatever, my laptop would play it
  2. It is currently bundled with Portal 2 for $12 online
  3. It’s not that hard (so I was told)

So, I did. I picked up Portal and Portal 2. Immediately ran into problems. Didn’t know the controls, didn’t know how to turn and look around, and tried to configure the keys about five times. It’s taken me a few hours, but some things TheTinyEmpireofAnt has been able to explain to me, and others I’ve been able to figure out on my own.

I also always assumed I’d be too stupid to play portal. That I’m no good with puzzles and logic games. Well… I’m not at any point where GladOS is trying to kill me yet… but I’m progressing pretty nicely… considering I usually die fifty bazillion times in Super Mario Bros, a game designed for 5 year olds to beat in six seconds or less (hyperbole is your friend).

This gets me thinking. Maybe I’m not as dumb as I think I am. Perhaps this sounds like the oddest way to figure that out ever, but critical thinking is something I’m convinced I’m not that great at, for some reason. This game is very obviously based around your ability to think critically. For this reason, I am actually more than just excited about Portal. I’m kind of grateful I decided to get it. I want to see if I can beat the game. It may take me longer than most people, but if I can beat the game… maybe, just maybe, I can start letting some more good things I hear about myself from other people sink in a little deeper, cause I’ll start to believe it myself.

cuttlefishking asked:

I wanna follow some more RP accounts. Name some good RP accounts!

Alright! Not sure who you’re following already, but I’ll put down some of the RPers I’ve recently really stalked liked and some that have loved from first following them ;A;. 

Sebastian Michaelis:

  • a-demon-butler
  • contractseal
  • hisbutler-diligent
  • cave—canem
  • daunting-butler

Ciel Phantomhive:

  • earlcielmichaelisphantomhive
  • contemptuous-earl
  • phantomhiveearl
  • the-little-lord
  • bitchy-shota
  • hismaster-demanding 
  • ciel-the-earl-phantomhive
  • guard-dog-to-the-queen
  • aseasyaslying
  • deadlypawns

Alois Trancy: (It occurred to me that I don’t actually follow a lot of Aloises or Claudes. XD;;)

  • the-trancy-earl
  • sticky-spider-lips

Claude Faustus:

  • the-trancy-butler (on hiatus, but I’m hoping he comes back :c)
  • unholy-arachnid

Elizabeth Middleford/Midford:

  • cute-little-lizzy
  • petite-lioness
  • his-red-right-hand


  • crimsondeath (Grell)
  • bureaucraticdeath (William)
  • grave-smiles (Undertaker)
  • unhinged-coffin (Undertaker)
  • mowing-up-souls (Ronald)

Other/Minor Characters:

  • francesmidford (Frances Midford)
  • swordsinstyle (Edward Midford)
  • bardalicious (Bard)
  • thephantomhivemaid (Maylene/Mey Rin)
  • tigerbutterflydream (Lau)
  • phantomvincent (Vincent Phantomhive)
  • vincent-phantomhive (Vincent Phantomhive)
  • fear-empowered (Ash Landers — again, on hiatus but hopefully he’ll come back. ;A;)


  • innocent-delirium
  • bleached-rainbow
  • violet-sweets
  • irish-breakfast-tea
  • ginger-reaper

It’s after 8am and I probably missed some really good RPers but this was the best I could do for now. At any rate, it should give you plenty of people to follow~

thetinyempireofant replied to your postWhat is the top item on your bucket list???

You should add ‘eat real Indian-English Curry’ to the list too. Since you know, England did invent the Korma dish. (Look it up, we actually invented an ‘Indian’ curry!)

My granddad was in the RAF and he was posted to guard the Khyber Pass before WWII; he bought this Indian cookbook for my grandmother and sent it back for her. My family has kind of messed around with curry and different flavors for it since the 1940s. :3 In other words, I’m an absolute curry nut. Always wanted to try as many kinds as I can. 

I’m gonna go visit England for a little while once I graduate, and the first thing I’m gonna do is go get some curry. It’ll be awesome. 

(So after thetinyempireofant asked that ‘what if’ scenario about Rachel forming the contract instead of Ciel, I now have the really strong urge to RP it. ;A; - I’ve been thinking about it since I got home from class.)

cuttlefishking asked:

Lizzy couldn't scream, the pain was so intense, so overwhelming, that no sound could escape her throat. Bit by bit she could feel it, from her feet and hands. Each cell of her being was being torn off, one by one, in their millions. Her body was disintegrating before her and there was no blood, no gore, just her body being flayed apart slowly. The pain etched across her chest, across her throat. Her eyes went wide as she took in her last memory, of her face being slowly pulled apart.



thetinyempireofant said: I dunno. If you’re going to write something on woman’s suffrage you need to make sure the question is more focused on woman’s rights. How about ‘Does the expansion of frontiers and borderlands reflect the expansion of women’s rights?’

Well, if you look at a frontier as not only a physical thing (the Wild West, war-based frontiers between crusaders, etcetera) but also as an idea (religious frontiers, scientific frontiers, gender frontiers, etcetera) then it might apply a little better. The question is something that we have to be able to answer through the course of the paper. I can also pick a question of my own, which I might end up doing.

I just kind of want to do something on women’s suffrage, so…

Yup yup.

And if you’re operating on BRIT TIME, you need to go to sleep, dear. *stern face*