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River looked up, hearing footsteps coming towards her. She shut her TARDIS blue journal and set it down on her desk. She was in a very good mood at the moment and smiled wide. “Oh, and who would you all be?”

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Zack was visting the ruins of a villege, the one he lived in as a human, when he sees a girl walking around. he walks over to her “Hello miss, may i help you?”

Lovely to meet you!

I’m Clara. Welcome to my blog!

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I bet I can guess how this goes!

You’re better than me in every conceivable way, and also smarter, and you’re going to prove it. Possibly you enjoy getting into ridiculous, idiotic arguments for the sake of arguing. There’s probably like, a good sixty-five percent chance I’m going to leave this conversation wanting to shoot myself in the mouth.

It’s gonna be exciting!