Hey Ladies,

Rude Girl Mag is not just a magazine for WOC, it’s a community. I want this to be a place where we can come together and discuss things. So from now on you’ll see me and some of our editors making post about things they saw, watched, read, etc and asking for your thoughts on it. Hopefully I’ll be able to think of a name we can call these post to differentiate them from the rest.*

So our first example of this was posted last night [x].

For those of you who missed it I asked for you thoughts on an article from the online magazine Rookie about cultural appropriation. It’s an open discussion between about six of their writers and their thoughts on cultural appropriation. It had been brought to my attention by an anon that I got on my personal tumblr. 

I found the article to be offensive for a variety of reasons. My biggest issue was that in a post that was seven pages long none of the Rookie writers brought up the fact that Rookie has committed cultural appropriation on numerous occasions.  

This is what you guys had to say:

“I’m less bothered by Gwen Stefanie bindi wearing” because one culture is clearly more important than another and it is totally okay to appropriate indian culture because it isn’t quite as bad as other forms of cultural appropriation. Seriously? sit down and stfu, rookie {x}

This is one of the quotes that bothered me so much and for the reason you stated. It especially bugged me because it was written by a Black woman. Like, it’s not exactly your place to say anything.

Rookie Mag is the biggest fucking fail when it comes to race issues. Expected seeing as the majority (if not all?) of the editorial staff are white. Seeing as you’re collecting opinions, gather as many as you can and send the original post to them. But they’ll probably just brush it off as usual. [x}

They do have some WOC on staff,like Anaheed Alani who is their editorial director and story editor**, and if I’m not mistaken the majority of the women that were apart of this dialogue were WOC. Which is really fucking sad. I would love to collect opinions and send them to Rookie. Maybe once our mag launches we can work on creating an open letter with our readers address to Rookie and outline all the ways they’ve failed us WOC. 

I tried giving Rookie Mag a chance but their thoughts on culture appropriation sickened me. [x]

Same. Though I chose to focus on a slightly older age group they were one of the main reasons why I wanted to start this magazine. 

Does anybody else have anything they want to add to this discussion?


*Would it be really lame to refeer to these as rap sessions ala the ‘80s?

** I think it’s really sad that it’s a WOC that signs off on the stories Rookie has done that WOC have found offensive. 

A BIG, HUGE, GIANT THANK YOU to all those Doctor Who fans that gave me advice on where to start!

I have finished Season 1! And it is official! I LOVE IT! 

So thank you, each of you, for your help :)


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I’m actually quite excited at the possibility of you moving here. FL needs more awesome people like you :)

Ahahaha. Thank you so much! It’s not terribly likely, sadly, just because I’m so fond of Colorado. But in the event that you want me to bug you sometime when I’m out here, you let me know! We can definitely try to make it happen =)

magical-pussy asked:

Please never stop your womens rights/controversy posts. They seriously make my day and open my eyes.

Don’t look at me, I just reblog them. :D They are often enlightening, though.

If you want more than what I reblog, I suggest checking out these beautiful people:

lacigreen -Lliterally my idol. She focuses a lot on, in her own words, sexuality, relationships, body image, gender, oppression, and identity. Complete with super cool messages and factual data. I could watch her Youtube vids for hours.

foreverliberal - Some politics, but mostly human rights in general. Lots of signal boosts and meaningful petition posts.

thetimeforgutsandguil - Feminism, human rights, liberal politics. Reblogs a lot of really refreshing stuff.

Of course, a ton of people I follow post and reblog the same type of material, but these particular blogs are dedicated to it.

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20 minutes away from where you’re moving. You’re moving to Lake Eola, which is practically what I grew up on. Holy oh my goodness :3

Lake Fairview, actually. Aaaahhh that’s so cool!

In the event that I don’t actually move here I might just stay here every spring break for the rest of my life. And so long as that’s alright with the cousins, I’ll carry on alternating. Seriously, I have the best family members. They’re so wonderful.