aliensglitter tagged me in a thing where i have to say 15 things that make me happy or something like that (and she tagged the right blog too which makes this easier yay) i feel so loved

1. Dr Pepper

2. Rap music (especially Onika Maraj and Drake)

3. When the writing is good

4. So many TV shows (Scrubs, That 70s Show, The L Word, M*A*S*H, SPN, and on and on)

5. People discussing feminism

6. My reflection (hello beautiful)

7. How smart and funny I am

8. Jesus (crap he should have been higher on this list sorry God)

9. My tumblr friends esp when they remember me and tag me in things and send me messages and stuff

10. My aminals which I miss because I moved away :’(

11. Good food. Even just okay food. I love food.

12. My blog 

13. When people like my writing omg best thing ever

14. All the attractive people at my school

15. Baking

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You think I’m kidding, but I will literally beta-read a 62-book Pokemon series. If you were looking for the biggest Pokemon nerd, you found her.

I knew I liked you for a reason. Pokemon and Warriors (remember the cat books?) were the only things I wrote fanfiction for. Pokemon was my lyfe, man. I still have a case of Pokemon cards. <3

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Half of my current story is in flashbacks, which initially begin because my MC had a bad fever. The flashback dreams/memories continue after he's gotten better. Does it seem too confusing to have the ones while he's fevered be chronologically jumbled and then have them become linear once he gets better? (There are clear markers in each as to when they are in his life.)

I don’t think it’s too confusing. A writer needs to have faith in their audience, they’re much smarter than we often give them credit for. The story concept actually sounds rather interesting.


anonymous said:

sup, i've noticed you enjoy theories on divination magic so i was wondering if you saw theticklishpear tag on divination. it has a good list of the known methods

Oh, no I haven’t, but thanks for letting me know anon! Will definitely go check it out. :)

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Cyrian is the Baron Sinister of Thieves; too tall for the job with unkempt brown hair and eyes like the sea at storm. Nothing special clothes-wise: linen pants and a tunic. What does fashion do to keep the noose away? - "You would pay me for my thoughts? Perhaps I should Bottle them and sell them at market. Do you think they'd fetch a price? Leave them unlabeled so it would always be an entertaining guessing game as to which thought you got. Then they'd all be something about cake or liquor."

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"What does fashion do to keep the noose away?" Be still my heart.

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3 - (1 of 3 messages) The door to Cyrian's inn room stood locked before Sheytana, unusual given he had called her not the other way around. With her ear to the old wood, sounds of laughter and solid knocking reached her. Shey knew exactly what the Baron was doing behind that door. Before it occurred to her that surprising him may not be as slick a revenge as could be devised, her knuckles rapped on the door. The door opened, Cyrian's toothy grin greeting her. An animal bleated behind him.

(2 of 3 cont.) “Excuse me?” she said stupidly. “You’re excused.” Cyrian stood with one leg hooked beneath the chin of a mottled brown goat. Its yellow eyes inspected her over his calf as it chewed contentedly on the remains of Cyrian’s shoe. “But….” Sheytana allowed the door to close behind her. “But why?” “Revenge.” The goat followed Cyrian to his chair by the cracked window. It seemed happy enough with its conditions, though Shey still wasn’t sure she understood.

(3 of 3 cont) “How does this,” she gestured to the goat, “constitute revenge? Did somebody cheat in a card game and you’ll loose it on their garden?” “The innkeep has accused me of smuggling goats because of the noise the agents make coming and going,” he replied, taking the goat’s head in his lap and caressing it like a kitten. “I’m making it true.” Sheytana laughed. “Will you keep it?” He lifted the goat’s head beside his own. It continued to shred the shoe. “Could you turn this face away?”


"Look, that one’s cute, Laz," Mama said, pointing to a puppy with floppy ears and big brown eyes. It wobbled around on chubby legs kinda like my little brother Isaiah did. I wondered if it ran into walls as often as he did.

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We were on our way to the concert, my friend was driving, and she looked down to check her phone (AFTER I TOLD HER TO PUT HER FUCKING PHONE DOWN A ZILLION TIMES) and when she looked up traffic had come to a stop. Through some VERY SKILLED driving, she slammed on the brakes and we literally came within a foot of the car in front of us before she made it into the other lane, our car turned almost all the way around. I have bad car anxiety anyway, and I’m fine right now but probably tomorrow night when I’m home and off the road, I’ll have a little episode.

I fucking hate cars. Damn.

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Working Title: Crystal Combat // Swallowing hard, she replied, "Got caught; got Challenged; he got dead." "You were Challenged?" "Crystal Combat," she said, punctuating each word with disdain. "Had a Crystal Judge and all. As though he had a point." She threw her face up and gave a burning glare, her bloodied shears extended. "I even cheated and he didn't do a thing."

what? | too long | it works | interesting | I’d read it!

I know I’ve said it before, but when this thing gets published, let me know. “He got dead.” Good Lord.

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(Are you still doing the premise thing? If not, disregard; sorry to bother you.) Magic has reappeared in the hands of old enemies. Armed only with her father's silver scissors, Sheytana and the thieves of Farra'cul are outnumbered, outmagicked, and outmaneuvered. Without the Baron Sinister of Thieves to help, she must determine how to rouse the city or live in the aftermath.

First of all: love your URL

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You didn’t leave a * so I assume you don’t want feedback, but I am going to explain why I gave the highest rating: from just 50 words you have told answered all of the Big Three questions AND proven that you can write. Your 48 words are chock full of telling diction and masterful syntax usage. If you can do that in just 48 words, I know that you can do so much more in a whole novel.

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I wrote a short story for my creative writing capstone (it's the 400-level, big-deal course for creative writing undergrads) with my favorite 2 OCs and promptly got an F on it. My professor told me it was because the story was no where near complete and that he couldn't fairly grade it under the assignment of a complete short story. He then told me if I didn't continue telling their story, he (as a published author) would cry. And that's the story of how I got started on my current wip series.

Omg that is an amazing story. I feel like that’s a story that actually belongs in a novel or a movie. I’m jealous and I want this to be my story ha

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Dear Shey, Oh hon, I am so sorry. I'm sorry your father's lungs weren't strong enough to keep him in your life. I'm sorry your childhood became coins in your pocket instead of smiles on your face. I'm sorry for the fire and the blood and the scorching sun. I'm sorry that the invasion took your town from you. It was all you had left after I took your father, and I took that too. I am so sorry about the gardens and the children and Dane. I apologize about Cyrian, too. How dare he go; what a prick.

You make me so mad. You have these writing skills that just upset me.

Message Me: I’m Sorry

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The upside? You can study ALL those things in college. And the amount of electives will let you do it. “English” is just your major, and your major isn’t all your classes. I studied most of that and loved it.

Yes I want to learn all of that but also I don’t want to write essays on it or take tests I just want to over-enthusiastically talk about it with people sigh

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(This is for the book after the pitch you read before, which I've never even dreamed of drafting a pitch for yet. Thus, I could use some *) Cyrian Greystoke, a Master Bottler of light magic, is drawn to Daelys by rumors of an impossible magic. Cripplingly ill with fever dreams of his former lover, he must face an old rival from his days before becoming Baron Sinister of Thieves and a 23-year-dead problem.

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The idea of a “Master Bottler of light magic” makes me so happy. I think because it reminds me of the Wishmonger from Daughter of Smoke and Bone. I mean that in the way that it’s a very fresh take on magic and very unique. And that hint in there about an “impossible magic” with no other clarification is intriguing.

That last sentence is so packed full of inspiration, I am impressed. But I had to read it a few times to really grasp everything that’s going on, and I still have one question. I love the phrase “23-year-dead,” but I’m not sure what it refers to. At first I thought you were saying he became Baron Sinister of Thieves and a 23-year-dead problem, but now I think you must be saying he has to face an old rival and a 23-year-dead problem. If you can find a way to rework that for clarity, I would—but if not you may just want to cut that phrase (which makes me sad because I really like it).

Alternately, you may want to consider cutting the part about his illness and fever dreams. I’m not sure that it adds critical info to the pitch, although it does add good info, you know what I mean? If you didn’t have only 50 words, then I would say throw it in, but since you do only have 50 words, I don’t see that it is strictly necessary.

Then again, the only time you’re going to have only 50 words to pitch your book is here on this blog, so that will likely never apply again. Unless you do one of those twitter pitches. Those things scare me, man.

Overall, yes, good. As always.