thethirdimpact replied to your postCan I not just have one year where I’m not made to…

hey, some people are just by cursed lol. but here’s some unexpected greetings and salutations from a Tumblry friend - What day is today? It’s ur bday!! what a day for a bday…. now let’s get fucked up ;) !! happy bday sweetie x

I guess, it’s a shitty circumstance. Aww, thank you, I think this just made my day:’)! x

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A mix for summer from thethirdimpact. Available for free download till the end of the week - enjoy while you can.

Tracklist -

Intro - Knife Party
Antidote - Swedish House Mafia vs Knife Party
Crazy In Love (thethirdimpact Dub Mix) - Beyonce ft Jay-Z
Syndicate - Skrillex
Crush on You - Nero (Knife Party Remix)
Zoology (thethirdimpact Mix) - Skrillex vs Knife Party
Internet Friends - Knife Party
First of the Year / Equinox(thethirdimpact Mix) - Skrillex
Amplifire - Diplo vs Skrillex
Call Your Girlfriend (Feed Me Remix) - Robyn vs Skrillex
Gargoyle (thethirdimpact Mix) - Doctor P
Paper Planes (thethirdimpact vs Diplo Remix) - M.I.A.
Tourniquet - Knife Party
DnB Ting - Skrillex
Tekno-Srpski Film Theme (thethirdimpact Mix) - Wikluh Sky
Techno Fan (thethirdimpact Dub Mix) - The Wombats
Syndicate / Zoology - Skillex

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Windowlicker - Aphex Twin (Uncut Full Version)

Dir - Chris Cunningham

Quite simply my favourite film clip. Ever.

Warning - awesome visual resource, very funny and poignant - and features five minutes with more uses of the F word than was thought possible. Fukk yeh.

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Now available for the first time as a remastered HQ download through BandCamp, the Chewing on Digital Wax E.P. is no longer available for public download from Soundcloud or Mediafire.