Idk if the people that are in my favorites know they are in there and I don’t want ot like go out of my way to tell them cause that’s kinda…afkjgasfdg annoying in my opinion so here they all are okay 

seriously not in any order cause Lauren and Jake and Gee and 

jake is a dork

my love for tea

jack who does Youtube videos


lauren who i know in real life

i think i’m going to buy a moleskin from this chick aka hannah beth

holly likes films

just click here

this girl has the best taste in everything

this girl is perfect

catsarecool-youarenot-deactivat asked:

Any other lovely tea blogs such as yours that you would recommend? :)

Absolutely! In particular I'd recommend empireoftea, rocknrollteapot, theteafandom, simple-authentici-tea, teaformeplease1, teabloggingfortealovers, and justaspoon-fullofsugar. 

These are, in my opinion, some of the most dedicated tea bloggers I’m following. Hope you enjoy their blogs! 

Also, if you have any suggestions for tea, anything you want to see more of, or recipes, let me know! Enjoy :3