Facebook doesn’t let anybody know anything about the things that you want them to know about (unless you pay for them to “promote” it, yuck) so we made a tumblr in hopes that it will work a bit better.

We also just moved to Corvallis, OR and we just (co)released a new LP by Hi Ho Silver, Away! called “Chore”. You can check it out at our bandcamp. We’ve got a few more updates coming out soon about a few more tapes that should also be out soon. Support is cool and all so feel free to follow us and reblog us and stuff. God the internet is so hard sometimes.


ramshackle glory and taxpayers was easily the best show of my life there is no better feeling than being stuffed in a hot as fuck room with a bunch of sweaty people who are all mad and sad about a lot of the same shit but at the same time very different i could never ask for a better scene in my life punk truly saved me so id like to say thank you to all the people to setup shows like this and deal with those few dicks who come and thank you to the bands who i can relate to and not feel so alone


The Taxpayers - Hungry Dog in the Street