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“Aha, ooo an interesting bunch you are aren’t you! Let’s see, have you tried fish fingers and custard? It’s brilliant! Also I’m the Doctor! I see a few of you should already know that though, since you know …reasons. Still nice to meet all you all the same.”

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Aria cried out sharply when she felt the bullet graze her side. It wasn’t enough to cause any real damage, she knew, but it certainly hurt. She stumbled through the doors of the TARDIS, shutting them quickly before letting out a low groan of pain. Looking up, she saw her father standing at the console. She tried to manage a smile, but she was pretty sure it came out more as a wince. “Hi,” she said, voice strained, “do you know who I am yet?”

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“Hello! There’s me, me, me again - seriously, we gotta stop doing this. Imagine the paradoxes. Anyway, there’s also Turlough, haven’t seen you in a while. And you, I don’t know you. I’m the Doctor.”