Title: in silence (we cry as we’re torn asunder)
Pairing: Prussia/Hungary
Rating: Teen and up
Content warning: mentions of/obvious abuse
Word count: 1993
   This is only another one. This is merely something that will end up in the books again. Someday I will read those and again it will be nothing more than an experience, a brief moment of pain. That was supposed to be my mantra. I keep forgetting now, it keeps slipping.    take me away – far, far away.

089. WORK

So here’s another Fanart100 piece for prompt number 089 - work. This picture is… eh, probably in the 70’s at some point (obviously between conflicts).

In Israel, there are collectivist farming communities known askibbutz. Kibbutz began around the beginning of the 20th century, but there are still over 200 active kibbutzim in Israel today. However, many kibbutz have moved away from some of their collectivist, socialist ideals and many kibbutzniks now work in non-agricultural fields and/or outside of the kibbutz. You can spend some time working on a kibbutz as a volunteer/guest if you like, and many people feel it’s a good experience to have as a young person, and a good way to get to see Israel.

Kibbutzim account for ~40% of Israel’s agricultural output. If you wanna learn more, start where I did: Hit Wiki and do some Googlin’.