I never thought.

These past few days were normal nothing to actually be fond of no great happening the usual kind of adventure a person gets through everyday. I haven’t thought of things that might actually trigger such thing in my mind or watched some movie that might triggered this unexpected, terrifying nightmare that i had. I do admit whenever i see paintings or images or demons i do like it for some reason that it is an amazing piece of artwork. 

So there i was, on my bed at 3 am thinking how would i get this thoughts out of my mind thoughts of my problems, school and everything. At 4 am i finally decided to go sleep ‘cause i need to i have to attend church at 8 in the morning, the next following events are unbearable if its true. Terrifying to see. To feel. The thought that i was there in that event i could feel every bit of it. Its scary. 

It goes like this i was in a place in a city, the city looks like its been in a war its that terrible. I was in a room filled only 4 persons and oh, a baby. The couple, the priest and me for some reason i was looking for something i came across this video on some site it was a documentary of some exorcism that had happened i spent hours and hours watching the video. And it was scary seeing the girls’ eyes burn and bleed to death. After i’ve had watch the video it completely changed me i was thinking of the girl how it could be something that would happen to me.

I felt that i was not me. I was eating some kind of meat it wasnt beef or pork i knew it wasnt. I dont know what happened next all i know was that the priest’s eyes were ripped out the baby were chopped into pieces the couple were both dead i cant see it through of what they look like. I was covered in some gooey, how am i gonna explain this. Uhmm. It was like a puke it smelled like rotten fish dead corpse type of thing. And then i woke up. 

I swear to God its the first time i got the chance to have this kind of dream.

Get your act up together and learn how to balance things.

Failure is a must for you to stand up and learn but from this you should suck in the lesson and try again. Don’t get used to it. Make things happen with your own way. Responsibility + Hard work + Patience = SUCCESS.

Manila Film Center

As a kid stories are the best thing that made up a kids life and its outlook on life. I remember when i was a kid i asked my mom about horror stories or places and yes i am a weird kid instead of asking fairytale stories i ask my mom on where i can find hunted houses and other horror stuff. Thanks to Dad, i’ve been glued to loving horror movies and exorcism movies and get this my dad’s a really really religious person but he loves to death watching horror movies and any other demon type of thing movies maybe because he loves commenting on how things arent like that on real life.

On of the stories i get to hear from my mom was the Manila Film Center and the tragedy behind it. I remember, along with aunt dang and uncle billy(my parents’s bestfriend) loved to go to places on christmas eve. One of the places we visited were the very famous Policarpio St. in Mandaluyong. the place we drove off was the Manila Film Center, i was scared to death that i remember that when my dad rolled down the windows all i did was to shut my eyes and not to open them until we get out of that place, which was 30 minutes after. They actually enjoyed the fact that the place was so cold and not even bothered of what lies in there. But i did i mean hello? buried alive, ghosts. Are you kidding me this place scares me to death. 

That was the last memory i have of about that place. I never thought of that place. Until now..

Because of this book.. 


It wasnt that great of a book. It didnt scared me at all but it did made me rethink on are there really ghosts in that film center. In short, I just wanna go Ghost haunting in the Manila Film Center.


Hmm.. Ghost Haunting sounds like an awesome mistake..