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So yeah~ My handwriting is really bad right now because that is what happens when you are free from school. I also messed up a few times but I’m way to lazy to re-due anything. (plus all the papers are now a jumbled mess)

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I really do like all the blogs I follow though. Plus, all of them are really sweet people so don’t be afraid to talk to them~Oh, the music is an old seventies korean song. Yupp. <3

in order to celebrate christmas, the approaching end of 2011 and wonderful people in general, here is my ultimate follow list!

this year on tumblr, I’ve discovered so many new interests, made friends with some wonderful people, and made existing friendships even more special. and here, with an appalling graphic, I wanted to celebrate you all!

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merry christmas, jolly december and a happy new year to all ♥

I am so in love.

I used to think “love” was such a silly fantasy the society lusted for but it’s so real. It’s so moving.

I have never been truly in love before I met her. I don’t even think I knew what it was or could have ever been until she came into my life.

And now I feel it every second of every minute of every day. And it’s fucking amazing.

She’s amazing.

Just coming home after work (midnight shift) and seeing her fast asleep on SKYPE makes my heart race. I am so in love with her.

When I see her like this, through a camera, I long to be able to be next to her again. But I am still so damn thankful she’s there at all.

I’m constantly overwhelmed with GOOD emotions, AMAZING ones, Thanks to her.


I just am so thankful to know that she too is in love with me.


This will forever be my favourite thing omg

Can I just thank you for making my life so much more interesting?

And not just in the “Oh man I have a long distance relationship with a person in a different country that I met on the internet.” way.

Before this year I had NEVER been to a zoo, we went to both the Cincinnati and Toronto zoo (and got to see the new Pandas!!) With the added experience of attempting to buy one bottle of coke and getting nine free.

Before this year I had never travelled alone in the US and now I’ve basically gotten the Cincinnati, Rochester, Chicago and Laguardia airports memorized. 

I’ve learned to make my favourite meal. Though I may not remember it in full, I sure it wont be the last time you teach me. Speaking of food, I’ve been to more new restaurants this year than any of my past years combined. America has so much food, I don’t know how you guys can manage. Also southern food, while it might not sit with me well, it takes so good to begin with.

Boarderlands, Mass Effect, Dead Space, The Witcher and (to be honest) Tomb Raider, are all games that I probably would’ve never played this year if I hadn’t know you. I wouldn’t have bothered to find the time or interest, but thankfully I did.

I wanted to say that there has been new interesting TV shows that you introduced me to, but the truth is it’s reversed. But I have sat my butt down and watched the first 3 episodes of Star Wars. I later found out that was the incorrect way of watching it and I supposed to watch 4,5,6 first, oops. I will someday soon. I want to.

You’ve also introduced me the various new music, like Said The Whale, and Dead Sara. That’s like two different spectrums of music there. You did that.

I learn something new from you everyday, whether it be something you’re learning from school, a little fact you know or something completely new to you. I always want to listen to the stories you tell.

I mean there’s so much more. Just in the past 391 days that we’ve known each other there has been so much crammed in there. I feel like I’ve known you my entire life.

You’ve become my best friend, the only thing I call home and I never want that to change. You’re my everything.