thestorywenton asked:

Do you think that feminism is slowly heading in a new direction, more towards radical thinking like this (and more like second wave) and away from the "fun fem" Jezebel style liberal feminism? I can't tell if I'm just actively looking for more blogs like this so I see them more, but it seems like there's slightly more rad voices out there than say 5 years ago. Either way, thanks for this.

Thank you for the supportive message! :)

I think that radical feminism is becoming more prominent.  I mean, you’re probably right, you’re probably looking for more radical-themed blogs, but at the same time keep in mind that a lot of liberal feminists end up becoming radical feminists when they realize how much liberal feminism has screwed them over.

So, yes, it’s the second wave of the second wave! ;)


thestorywenton said: wow, I’m crying. TAB never cease to amaze me with how they bare their souls and speak to mine. Is this song recorded somewhere I’m not aware of? Just listened to the new album.

i know i love it. they actually havent released this song officially it’s on their crackerfarm youtube account. it’s called untitled 2. it’s one of my favorite songs though it’s great. heres’s the link to it, =]