ok! so, finally had time to edit these redonkulous selfies i took of myself…

A couple weeks ago at the APP conference I was fortunate enough to pick up some of my wonderful friends’ Sammy and Mateo's stone jewelry. Yeee! my jewelry budget was pretty non-existent, and I pretty much new I only wanted to spend it with them, and as usual, it was the best possible decision.

I picked up this SUPER adorable pair of 4g Amethyst plugs that are the most comfortable solid plugs I’ve ever worn in my nostrils. Seriously, no annoying booger feeling. They’re amazing.

Ok, on to the three, yes three, labret pieces I picked up: first, this super comfy, cute 0g Labradorite oval piece. It was pretty hard getting a good picture of this in the natural light, so I had to move the selfie shoot inside, but I think my favorite aspect of this piece is that the purple flashes range from super super subtle to really bright and awesome. I am really excited to have Sammy make me some matching plugs for my nostrils in the future! The next one is this 0g Goldstone piece that I thought was gonna be just kinda subtle but ended up looking soooo fucking awesome and glittery. Again, future matching nostril pieces to come. And last but not least, the 0g pink stone piece, that I am ashamed to have forgotten the name of, eeesh. Again, really comfortable, more subtle, and goes really great with my Imperial Jasper teardrop plugs I got from Relic a couple of years ago.

So yeah, here’s my dumb face sporting jewelry that is definitely too good looking for me, made by people who are MOST DEFINITELY too cool to let me be seen with them in public. Go give them your money, preferably by the fistfuls, and in return get some of the best, most comfortable stone jewelry ever.

Last selfie of the night, I swear! I just really love wearing and photographing awesome jewelry, that happens to be made by my super talented friends…

My fortunate self doing no justice to the AMAZING Shoji weights by Blessings to You, complete with Seraphinite cabs crafted by The Stone Witch. These make me feel like a fashionable (ha!) badass when I wear them. For about 5 hours, and then my lobes need a rest.

Progress shot. These 2” double concave purple agatized petrified wood plugs will be for sale at APP. They are glorious and magnificent in every way! It’s ok to admit that you need them in your life. #thestonewitch #stoneportfolio


1-1/8” (~29mm) Double Concave Moss Agate Double Flares

I remember the first pairs of double flared jewelry I had made, and one set was moss agate just like these.  I sat there carving the flares with a hand tool, and it took a really long time.  Now, we have better equipment, and it doesn’t take half as long as it did before, and they’re far nicer!  *phew*

For the collection of Brian Decker as a gift from the lovely Starr Belew.