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"I would like to take this opportunity to inform you all that this is a secure military channel. All non-military personnel should gain proper clearance before disrupting communications further. If you’re trying to reach Lord Baras’s apprentice for personal matters, I suggests you contact them directly. Thank you."

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McCoy locks his eyes on the terminal, waiting for the ringing of the transporter to fill the room, to see whoever or whatever materializes in front of them. Nobody needed to be reminded to be on their best behavior, though with McCoy’s perpetual expression, one that suggests that every day is a funeral, it’d be hard to tell.

When Scotty starts working the terminal, the lights flare through the room and everyone waits. What comes on board silently surprises everyone.

She’s blue, looks cold to the touch, and her eyes, all red like complete hemorrhage and she’s not human but, by God, she’s still beautiful. Everyone gathers near the transporter and greets her. 

"Welcome to the Enterprise," Kirk starts out.

In some other universe, McCoy would have said ‘You can stay as long as you like' had she been human… and had it been appropriate.