Personal Posts that Make Me Very Happy

Almost done cleaning out my likes and drafts! I’m organizing all my favorite personal posts into one post, for future reference :)

A chat in the library with Kim (x12)

First chat with Kathy (12), Another chat with Kathy (x), Anon fun with Kathy (123)

Claire calling me her favorite (123), Claire’s response to my name, and that of my sister (x), Claire calling me the coolest (1, 2)

Grace’s response after my first giveaway (1) and my response to her thank you note (2) and another one (x)

Kim is torturing me by telling me things that Supernatural fans would love to know, but I’m not allowed to say them (yet. Maybe later).

So here, have a picture of Kim with a magic wand at Whimsic Alley.