Hello Special People!

Hello everyone! I just wanted to wish you all happy holidays. I haven’t been posting much lately because I’ve been working on my own sobriety doing some important things such as another inventory and moving along through the rest of the steps before starting over again as soon as the new year passes. I look forward to big book studies and taking a look at the steps a lot more closely this time around. I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Mine was pretty wonderful compared to all of the years before. I have a lot more humility and love now. I hope you do as well. Smile because you are worth it.

Much Love,


Remembering I'm not in control.

The day is half over and I’ve already gone through so many different scenarios in my head of different things I want to happen. I fantasize about all of these things that are never going to happen especially when I try to make them happen even if it is just playing my own movie in my head. I think it’s safe to say if this comes up we need to spend more time praying and letting it go rather than trying to make our own will happen. Our will got us to our places in recovery so let’s drop it there and let go let God. Hope that everyone has a great day! I would suggest to follow spiritualinspirations tumblr for great quotes to remind us of our higher power throughout the day. Peace, Love, Recovery.