Can’t remember why the vast majority of the internet wants to drive a spear through Mitt Romney’s skull? This video should jog your memory.

Tattoos - form of self-expression, or source of misjudgement?

As more and more of my friends turn 18 and get tattoos (an endeavour which I also considered upon reaching the age of majority), it’s got me thinking about society’s attitude towards the inked generation. I’m currently trying to write an article about this - and I would really appreciate your input.

Do you have tattoos? If so, do people treat you differently?

Are you clean-skinned? What are your views on tattoos - if you see somebody with tattoos, do you appreciate the artwork or jump to conclusions?

Also, if you have a couple of minutes, feel free to give this article a gander and let me know your thoughts.

It would be interesting to hear from you, so leave a comment on here, send me a message on facebook, tweet me or email me.


               There’s an awful lot of negativity in the world today. For the most part, I really can’t understand why. So many people focus on the allegedly ‘unbearable’ aspects of their lives, which are so minute in comparison to the on-going list of wonderful things they have.

               I am very lucky. I am a student at one of the best universities in the world, studying the subject which I adore above all others, in the most beautiful and vibrant city I have ever seen.

               I have Lidl food in the cupboards and a roof over my head (although, because I’ve got a sloped ceiling directly above my bed, this has been the source of much pain and indelicate language). I have enough money to keep myself alive and then kill myself with Sailor Jerry’s Spiced Rum.

               I am surrounded by loving friends and family, all of whom I cherish beyond description. I have a boyfriend who, as well as being incredibly caring and thoughtful, owns a motorbike, plays the guitar and sports music tattoos. My fourteen-year-old self would be proud.

               Why complain when my life is so rich? Yes, it can be difficult being away from home; and yes, the size of my workload rivals the geographic capacity of Turkey - but those details are insignificant when I remember that I have everything I need.

               I implore others to look at their lives a little differently. It feels pretty good.

               (And if that isn’t enough to make you feel good about life, just be grateful that you’re not this guy.)

Having expressed a dislike for Ed Miliband so frequently that I am considering adding it to my list of “activities” on facebook, you may be surprised to hear how fond I am of his brother, David.

My fondness for him is epitomised in this video of a lecture he gave recently; ignoring his charisma and charm, I feel that he puts across some very interesting points in a calm and reasoned manner (but with an adequately assertive approach which removes any possibility of spinelessness). I do not agree with all of the ideas he discussed - although it is worth mentioning that I agree with the vast majority - but he managed to get me thinking by laying his opinion in front of me and allowing me to unfold it for myself (rather than presenting it as indisputable fact, as many politicians have the tendency to do).

I’d love to know what you think - both about the theories he presents and about his general persona - so feel free to tweet me, facebook me, ask me or email me.

Dear internet

I am coming offline for the duration of the exam season - so, from now until 14th June - which means that, unfortunately, you will not have the light of my words to brighten up your day and spread a smile on your face on twitter or facebook.

If you need to contact me, feel free to email me (, text/call me (if you do not have my mobile number, email me to ask for it) or write to me via this blog. I am not locking myself out of my blog so that I can continue writing (even if in a far smaller capacity).

I’m sure that you are currently spiralling into a deep depression - so, in attempt to cheer you up, here is a GIF of a man falling over. Enjoy.


And here’s another one.


Okay, last one.


…I lied.


Goodbye, sweet internet.