"For I saw us dancing through sunshine and rain
And I saw us laughing through joy and through pain
And I saw time passing but we did not change
And I still saw us together at the end of everyday

Whenever you want it, whenever you need it
Whenever you feel like it’s gonna be like you never believed it.
Whenever you feel like dancing you don’t have to dance alone
You know, you know, you should already know,
I choose you… I choose you.

I Choose You - Mario

theshutterbug said:

"Dear Future me,"

Dear Future me,

I hope you would have learn your lessons by now about life. Let no one walk all over you and never, NEVER let anyone make you feel worthless. You will be strong, you CAN be strong. Do it for yourself, your friends, family, and your dear loving girlfriend. You can do it, I know you can. You will get better at what you’re doing one day. Please remember this moment.

Best of luck,

Current me.