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"Ugh, get a grip Jennifer!" she sighed out loud, completely frustrated. <br> Lana was sleeping on the bed next to hers, as they had been rooming together for the SDCC. She was so beautiful, it phisically hurt her being so near her and not being able to do anything about it. <br> "She's your co-worker," she said to herself. "Your friend! Stop being stupid! This is silly-" <br> "What's silly?" Lana asked, in a sleepy voice.


(OMG mo’rilla fic in my ask!!!you made my day bby!!more please;))

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you are so talented <3 I love your stories... I wish I could write as well as you do. *-*

Omg, I’m not even that good! Trust me.. I’m wanting to punch myself before, during and after a fic. But I’m glad you enjoy them!

Practice, practice! That’s what I’m currently doing. (Also my professors were pretty anal about writing so I just got better(?) from them)


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Let's keep you busy doll <3 (by the way I love you/your blog/your tags/etc) A, B, F, G, H, L, M, T, W, X

aw thank you BBY<3<3

A: Age.:will be 22 in a week’s time!

B: Where I’m from.:I like to say Narnia(but actually I am from India whic does rhyme with narnia LOL!! I am so lame I know I am sorry :P)

F: Sexual orientation.:very round;)

G: Single/taken.:last I checked yep still single!!!!!!

H: Favourite book:twelfth night and arms and the man.

L: Favourite band/singer.:coldplay:)

M: Random fact about me.: I have a very high healing capacity!!!(what this is random right:P)

T: Favourite male character from a TV show.:okay this is Hard hmmmmm yeah damon salvatore!!

W: Favourite superhero.:spiderman totally sticking to it;)

X: If I would date someone on tumblr.:so many to choose from LOL;)!

thesesillydreams replied to your post: Regina glares down at Henry. “Where did you get the idea that what you did to you godmother was a good one? You’ll say sorry to her NOW.” Regina orders her son. “But Grandpa and Emma did it,” whines Henry. “I don’t care. Aplogize to your godmother NOW!” Regina repeats. Henry sighs in defeat and walks over to the woman lying in the hospital bed. “I’m really sorry I threw a sword at you Maleficent.”

Ohmygosh this was too cute. Henry, just because mom and grandpa have no manners, doesn’t mean it’s ok for you not to have them *o*

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oh that is a great idea, I’m gonna do that (the tea) thank you ♥ as far as the fic, the one I am working on right now isn’t SQ, I really want to write something either Morrilla or SQ (thanks to you) but I am having a hard time finding inspiration ugh

I hope it soothes you Oh no SQ it i okay tho some other day maybe;) no worries take your time:)          

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Excepting a very annoying cold I’m doing good. I’m actually working on a fanfic *-* What are you up to?

aw that sucks take lot of rest and drink ginger tea or warm some water and add a bit of honey and drink it, it helps with the cold you know!!     oooooo FF!!! SQ?? LOL I am just a curious fangirl ;) I am doing nothing actually just came back from university and so right now tumbling he he!!  

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ABFGHLMTWX lol keeping you busy I know... by the way, your blog makes me smile <3

Thank you!

A: 20
H: Ohh, right now it’s Sputnik Sweetheart by Haruki Murakami
L: Maroon 5 (right now) and The Weeknd
M: I’m in the process of collecting all the House seasons..
T: Ummm, Don Draper :)
W: Wonder Woman!! (Or Iron Man/Batman)
X: I mean, if they’re in the same city, sure! 

Thanks for the Qs :)!

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Send this to all the tumblrs you love. There is no limit to how many people you can send this to because the price of making someone smile is priceless. I am sending this to you because I love your tumblr and I want you to know that I’ll follow you forver. Your tumblr is perfect and absolutely beautiful. Keep doing your best here, keep smiling, keep being the amazing beautiful person you are, and have a fantastic day ♥