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Artemis was sitting on the top of one of Gothams many sky-scrapers, her feet dangling off of the side as she looked down at the people below, one of her many crossbows in hand as she leaned back. Just enjoying how the sky looked when she suddenly heard a clatter coming from the otherside of the roof, startling a little bit as she stood up, glancing around to see what it was.

Both of her eyebrows raised as she saw what it was, a man who’s face and costume made her stomache clench. “…Holy shit…” She muttered, recognizing him as Red-Robin. The last person she had seen in N.O.W.H.E.R.E…

Her hand flew up to her faux eye as an echo of the pain that she had felt last time she had seen him. It had been atleast 15 years sense then, and she had figured she was the only one who had survived, despite the fact she had died.

A knock was heard on her door, and a plate laid there when she opened the door, with fresh Heart shaped waffles on it, and a note.
'Dear Steph,

Hope your Valentine’s Day is fun.
Enjoy the Waffles.



Steph looked around when she opened the door. Nope, no one. Then there was the note. Well, in theory these were safe waffles, but she shook her head at how crazy this guy could be sometimes. Hey, it was cute though. And she absolutely enjoyed those waffles.