What I love most about Regina telling Emma “I need you” is that we know she doesn’t need Emma for herself. She was perfectly comfortable going on her own before.

A lot of people see it as Regina not needing Emma but knowing Emma needs her, however I interpret it differently. Regina needs to help Emma. Regina needs Emma to be okay, needs to know she’s okay. Regina can’t be okay if Emma isn’t okay.

And that is beautiful.

[chants and bangs fists on table]

kara and grant for the spinoff show

kara and grant for the spinoff show

kara and grant for the spinoff show

kara and grant for the spinoff show

Too Much

Summary: Dan overworks himself into sheer exhaustion, resulting in a worried/protective Phil. 

The clock read three thirty am, but that did not stop Dan as he went back to watch his video from the start to make sure all of the editing was perfect. He had been so busy lately, getting back from Vidcon, having to prepare for the radio show, and making a video for his own channel. Phil was recovering from a cold, so Dan told him that he would worry about the groceries, housework, and radio planning, despite the older’s protests.

But two days after that promise, Dan felt weary. He’d had little sleep, and his head was pounding. He wanted to pass out for the remainder of the night, but this video needed to go up as soon as possible. The radio show was the day after tomorrow, and he still needed to get to the store tomorrow….or technically today.

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Sonic Character Height Chart (Main Series and Sonic Boom version)

So, since there were no official heights for the Boom characters, I decided to see if I could succeed in figuring things out on my own.

Obviously I needed a reference, so this height chart relies on the idea that both Doctor Eggman and his Boom counterpart are the same height, 6′ 1″ (185 cm). After that, I took screenshots from the show and tried to estimate heights based on them.

The weird thing is that heights seem to fluctuate in the show. I had two different heights of Eggman and Amy standing right next to each other, but Amy’s height wasn’t consistent. I dunno if there was some weird perspective going on or not, but I still did my best.

Now, for this chart, I tried to take into account how characters are leaning or bending, hence why main!Eggman doesn’t line up perfectly on the height chart, but is still the same height as his counterpart. The soles of their shoes also don’t count obviously and I measure heights based on the spot between their ears (so since Sonic’s quills go up the further back they go, I don’t count it; in my experience, it helps make heights look more correct. If I do it this way and Amy and Sonic were the same height, they’d look it because their eyebrows/eyelashes match up)

Again, this is all estimation, so don’t ask why the Boom characters are so much taller than the main series characters. There weren’t a ton of shots with the characters standing close enough to each other to where I could get a good enough comparison, but hopefully my effort isn’t in vain either.


Boom!Eggman - 6′ 1″ (185 cm)

main!Eggman - 6′ 1″ (185 cm)

Boom!Knuckles - 4′ 10″ (148 cm)

main!Knuckles - 3′ 7″ (110 cm)

Boom!Sonic - 4′ (122 cm)

main!Sonic - 3′ 3″ (100 cm)

Boom!Amy - 3′ 9″ (114 cm)

main!Amy - 2′ 11″ (90 cm)

Sticks - 3′ 6″ (106 cm)

Boom!Tails -  3′ 3″ (100 cm)

main!Tails - 2′ 7″ (80 cm)

“NEED and WANT are two different things, ain’t they?”

guys, HOLD ME, are you HEARING these things this episode is EXPLICITLY SAYING??

people have analysed Dean’s struggle to differentiate between ‘need’ and ‘want’ for AGES! (certainly since Goodbye Stranger especially)


oh god! is this the beginning of Dean recognising his own power/agency and taking responsibility for his actions/choices? recognising that sometimes actions taken out of what he thought was necessity, made by some innate part of him that can’t be resisted, were actually actions made out of personal desire, actions he CHOSE and thus could have chosen NOT to do?

and is this the beginning of recognising that he’s ALLOWED to WANT things and chose to have what he wants, as long it doesn’t hurt anyone?

is this the beginning of Dean starting to really understand that he doesn’t have to process everything in his life as a series of NEEDS? that it’s okay NOT to NEED some things, or some people, and likewise it’s okay if they don’t need him?

is this the beginning of Dean recognising that sometimes it’s BETTER when you WANT something or someone, or when someone wants you, because then you can be in control of your desire and how you sate it, then someone is CHOOSING you?


Quotes directly from :

“Broken Sexuality

But as we look around us, we can see that things have gone terribly wrong with God’s design. When man disobeyed God, the connection between God and man was broken, the relationship between husband and wife was affected and healthy masculinity and femininity became damaged and confused.”


“The good news, in the midst of our sexual brokenness, is that God still loves us deeply. He longs to reconnect with each of us and to begin healing, restoring and transforming us.”


“And then God fashions a woman from the man’s side, separating male and female. God honored humans by making us in His own image, male and female. Our word “sex” even comes from a Latin word meaning to divide or separate, showing that humanity was separated into two groups, male and female.”


“A dad has the capacity to model healthy masculinity to his children. In his relationship with his wife, he can demonstrate how women should be treated.”


“Sometimes the desire for closeness can get misinterpreted or confused with feelings of romance or sexuality. But this confusion doesn’t have to happen. You can realize that closeness is a normal, human desire for a healthy relationship with a friend and does not need to have anything to do with sexual attraction.”


Bottom line for the LGBTQAP community tomorrow:

Stay safe

Be respectful

You are NOT broken

You are not alone


It’s hard to get a good photo of their awesome Paracord Martingale collars due to their long fur, but wanted to get at least a couple because I love them soooo much. I took the middle two with flash to show the reflective part! You can get your own, or custom make something else for your pup (there are SO many fabric and material options to choose from), at ! Use the code 6WOOFS to get 15% off any order. :] 

Baker!Francis and PoliceMan!Arthur AU profile pictures soon to be posted because we need more sexy cop and cute-as-fuck baker AUs for the two dorks.

Francis is a baker that has his own little bakery on the corner of a quaint street in London. And lately this pretty cute cop (with awful eyebrows, mind you) keeps showing up to buy one of his most famous recipes, macarons. When he tries to approach the man in a friendly way, the other responds with insults and even dares say his macarons aren’t that great. And he’s supposed to believe that? How rude, and not to say hypocritical since he keeps showing up to buy them! But no one insults one of his best recipes. He’ll come up with a new flavor every week until he makes the cop eat his own words as fast as he eats his macarons.

Real talk

Ok, everyone knows I love Grace Helbig. I mean, look at my url, it’s pretty damn obvious. It’s sort of to be expected that I would love her tv show because her brand of humour is my absolute favourite in the world and she has been making me laugh in her own unique way for 7 years but GUYS. Grace is truly representing #TeamInternet on TRADITIONAL MEDIA. She’s crossed over two things that kind of don’t tend to mix, made it work and made it work AMAZINGLY. She sticks to being her awkward self and doesn’t try to act like anyone else who has a talk show because SHE DOESN’T NEED TO. Grace involves us directly, makes us part of the show in so many ways and it still feels personal, like a youtube video whereas this is on a really big, famous tv channel?!? Each week, you can see it has a clear structure of where its going but this episode kept taking me by surprise because she changed things up. It wasn’t exactly the same as the week before but with new videos and new guests (which I find happens with a lot of talk shows). Grace is going out there and absolutely NAILING IT and being funny as hell and basically just taking over the world one step at a time and I can’t wait to see it happen.

You saw it here first, Grace Helbig is going to be a name every single person knows and I’m real excited for that day to come.



Care, devotion, fluff, love

Fandom: Divergent

Request: “ Can you write one about Eric where you’re both dauntless leaders, but your love is a secret until one day, Eric shows a soft side in the dinner hall which leaves you and everyone in shock. In the end, you two become the power couple and although everyone knows both of your soft sides, they fear you either way. I hope that made sense… Thank you! :)”

Word count: 408

gif is not mine.

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Am I actually the only one who ‘liked’ (through a bunch of tissues and tears) the Cophine break up? Like I ship them so much, but it’s needed for both of them at the moment. Delphine was doing the right thing for Cosima. 

And I’m 100% convinced that Cophine is endgame. They built it up for two seasons, legitimatelly making them fall in love for each other madly… the break up is just here for angst, to add drama, to show us more of Cosima and Delphine’s own side and not in a relationship… so that the actual angst and perfect happy ending for them in season 5. I’m not saying at the end of season 3 as you can see… but yeah… Delphine is not gonna die for sure, like not after what we saw, she’s so important as a character, and we are lucky to have some smartasses writers who get it. So yeah… don’t freak out, don’t switch for Shaysima…  I’m glad it’s not all love about Cophine, whihc makes it ten times better. 

Help me show that SasuKari, NaruSaku, SasuNaru and SasuHina fans are stronger than the pity ending of Naruto by making our own Manga.

I got the plot figure out. I just need more characters. That’s all I need.

I got the names of the two main characters.

Daredevil: What I’ve Gathered So Far

Foggy: Two best friends fresh from law school, one moral and handsome, one wise-cracking and down-to-earth, decide to strike out on their own!

Matt: …

Foggy: Witty repartee as Murdock tries to help defend the poor and Nelson tries to keep the lights on!

Matt: …

Foggy: A cute and grateful client joins them as a much-needed administrator and source of sexual tension to keep the ratings up!


Foggy: Hopefully resolving in a three-way because this is the 21st century, we can do stuff like that now.

Matt: …

Foggy: Are you listening?

Matt: *drenched in the blood of the wicked*

Matt: Maybe those who hunt monsters also become monsters.

Foggy: *heavy sigh* Or we could do this.

restyourhearteasy asked:

that anon lmaoooo. The show went out of its way with the "I'll always be there when you really need me to patch you up" to remind people that Claire was in no way "ditching" Matt. Just because we didn't see Claire unnecessarily thirsting doesn't mean she dropped him in any way. lol.

Eeeeexactly! God forbid Claire look out for her own emotional well-being and God forbid Matt be a mature adult/gentleman and respect her decision. And God forbid two adults have a complex, mature relationship/friendship that isn’t black and white.

And let’s not act like if Claire were to change her mind, Matt wouldn’t be all

Insecure artho things

  1. Having two different sketchbooks. One to show to others and one for your nasty creations straight from hell
  2. Hoarding pens and pencils but never having one on you when you need them
  3. Always thinking of a pretentious drawing that could go with the song you are listening to atm
  4. Buying art supplies and piling them in a corner of your room letting them collect dust
  5. Seeking inspirational art and feel bad about your own skills and never wanting to make art again
  6. Wearing some aesthetic ass clothes but changing them the last moment because it looked bad after looking 1000x in the mirror
  7. When u are always on edge when ppl look tru ur drawings because they are just waiting for that horrible nude drawing of ur fave band
  8. Always stepping on your art because u never clean that shit up and it’s everywhere
  9. Making some aesthetic post of the sunset from your room but deleting it afterwards because it only got 3 notes
  10. Ripping pages from ur “neat” sketchbook because that artwork you made is an eyesore
  11. Is a leg supposed to connect to the rib cage?
  12. Hoarding magazines for inspirational collages but not even daring to cut in them
  13. Wanting to go for that gross, “I just stayed awake painting till 3am look” but instead it’s more like the “I just stayed awake thinking about painting something till 3am but never actually doing it” look
  14. When you draw something nice on lined paper and try to remake it on blank paper and it looks like absolute shit
  15. When ppl want to give you presents and you always ask for pencils but they buy the bad ones
  16. The eraser is your best friend
  17. the trashcan is your next best friend. It’s where that trash art of yours belongs
  18. People looking over your shoulder when you draw and expect some kinda Michelangelo masterpiece and it’s just an egg with a pained expression
  19. It seems like we all wash our sketchbooks with head and shoulders
  20. ¾ furry cats facing left is your artistic legacy
  21. When u secretly think your art is better then others and u think you can do better and u try and fail and u get reminded of the little shit self you are
  22. song lyrics in your art that makes it look better (it just makes it more pretentious)
  23. Being scared of going to an art museum because there will be cool judgmental ppl and ur outfit is not even on point
  24. but when your outfit is on point you don’t have any friends taking pictures of you looking at that Monet
  25. Not arting outside because u feel uncomfortable thinking people might see the hell that is your drawing
  26. Not finishing an artwork when you notice all the small mistakes
  27. not even linearting or colouring it might ruin your sketch
  28. not even picking up a pencil out of sheer terror of the unholy creatures that will flow out of your pencils tip onto the paper
  29. not
  30. no
  31. never
  32. I hate art

anonymous asked:

i.. omygod can u continue the politician minato naruino fic? like idk maybe a few years after the break up? or something? omygod please? TT^TT it could be another angsty or happy or totally up to you. i. just. need.

continuation of this

somehow it is sasuke that shows her kindness in the aftermath of her relationship. he purchases the dress that she once mentioned to sakura she thought was gorgeous but lacked the funds for, and as if knowing about the “plus one” scrawled in a cruel cursive on her own invitation, he sets her up to attend with his older brother.

when sakura goes over to itachi to say hello and the two wander off in conversation, ino stands alone with sasuke and wonders if she should thank him.

instead, she sneers, “i don’t need your pity.”

sasuke does not roll his eyes nor does he shrug. he tilts his head a fraction as he assesses her, making her feel vulnerable under the warpaint and armour she calls makeup and a gown. “good,” sasuke finally replies, “because i don’t pity you.”

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Jasper Rant

I really think people in the Steven Universe fandom need to calm down about Jasper. You guys all act like she’s the worst villain that ever lived in the history of animation but really, she’s pretty fuckin’ tame. 

Compared to the other characters in this show, yeah she’s not that great but from what I’m getting from watching the show, there are always two sides to the story. 

For the most part, we are only getting the Crystal Gems side and there have been hints that they have not always done what is right. You really get that impression in Rose’s Scabbard because despite countless of their own people dying, Pearl was perfectly okay with it because THEIR side won. 

As of right now, we get the impression that the homeworld isn’t that great but let’s not forget that Crystal Gems views are NOT normal to the homeworld. So as far as Jasper goes, to me she’s just a military/warrior person just doing her job/mission. To the Homeworld and to her, the Crystal Gems are traitors (even if it’s for the right reasons). Jasper is condescending and ignorant, it doesn’t mean she can’t change. 

But you know what, even if she doesn’t change, I don’t think she should get the hate that people think she deserves. She was presented as a villain. If she makes you angry and dislike her, then she was written as a good VILLAIN character. And you know what? People are allowed to like villain characters. There are so many popular villain characters so what makes Jasper any different?

Seriously, just calm down.