A while ago the lovely baronsamediswife (Myri) asked me if it won’t be beautiful to heat J2 singing ‘a single man tear’.

And it’s been bugging me ever since.

But I think there is a reason they don’t and moreover I think it’s good that Dean wasn’t able to listen to Sam’s line in the song.

Because Sam doesn’t think Dean is a man without sin. He loves him even though he knows Dean has his fair share of wrong doings.
He doesn’t think Dean is the perfect brother. He loves him even though he has done some unbrotherly things to him.

Sam is not Dean’s fan , he isn’t idealizing the painful truth.

But he loves Dean. A lot. Despite everything.

His love for Dean isn’t blind. It’s a complicated, painful, but very deep , true and unique love.

To my followers. (sana maraming online lol)

I wonder how many of you guys actually knows me? I mean, familiar to me? That I actually exist on your dash? 

I’m not really a “reblogged” kind of blogger. Because my blog is well… actually a blog. I post personal things and I only post once in a day or even just thrice in a week at the very least. But I do visit the dash quiet often, like, every night? And read personal posts. 

Sometimes I wanna talk to you guys, or just reply to you personal posts, but then I don’t even know if I should do it since I don’t think you even know me. :)) But hey, you followed me for a reason… so uhh… thank you?

So, the point of this post? I’m actually thinking of giving an art give away via raffle this December. As a part of my gratitude to all my friends and followers here. I don’t have that much but I wanna know if anyone would be interested. LOL Still thinking of how to do it.

Maybe chibi portratis for consolation and a full-blown portrait for the winners (I’m thinking of having 2 winners)? 

So you guys interested? 

(ay wait, where’s the reply option? huhu pano kayo sasagot?! :((( reblogged or message me nalang your opinion huhu)

Edit: And suddenly there’s a reply button, what is happening even?! hahaha YES I WILL READ EVERY FEED BACK.

There’s a good chance na mamili nalang ako sa inyo ng bibigyan ng portrait. Or maybe mamimili ako for personal preference (meaning, if trip kita ‘coz gusto ko personality mo) PLUS the raffle for 2 winners and 3 consolation. (total of 6 artworks)

People will judge you. They will then like you, love you. And eventually, they’d just go back to hating you, and judging you. Even you yourself will.

There’s people against doxxing talking about how it does damage and whatnot. So? The person decided to PUBLICLY make TOXIC statements using their REAL name. They can and should be held accountable for the bullshit they say. If you can get their information legally, fuck em. If they get fired for info you relayed to their place of work, fuck em. They choose to go public with their bullshit while they themselves represent and reflect on their place of work. 

If they didn’t want the consequences of whatever they say, they shoulda kept their fucking mouths shut. Yeah, we got freedom of speech, but those listening have the right to criticize, and employers have the right to take action based off those words and criticisms. 

I don’t know why, but Tumblr is such a confusing place for me.

I’m on here, because I wanted to be able to let go of all my thoughts, and because I knew that nobody would ever judge me for having such fucked up thoughts as I do, it’s relieving to be here.

There’s the other side too though, that side where I realise that I’m still sad and that Tumblr didn’t help me. The reason could be that I follow sad blogs, but it helps me to see that I’m not the only one with these thoughts.

So honestly, Tumblr is my getaway and it’s a happy place for me where I can express my feelings and just be myself, but Tumblr is also a place where I definitely go and search for sad posts, because I don’t want to be the only one with these thoughts in my head.

I’m happy and sad, so is Tumblr. Tumblr is a place where everyone accepts everyone, wether you’re happy and sad. That’s what I like about it.

The cuts are getting deeper and the thoughts are getting darker. The cuts slowly turn into scars, as more and more appear on my skin I wonder was this your plan? To destroy me bit by bit, as you walk away happy and un-phased by the pain and suffering you have caused. Will I ever escape from this darkness that shrouds my life, or will I slowly suffocate until there is no life to live.