Michael Jackson’s inspirations that I appreciate. requested by anonymous

In sequence: Bob Fosse, James Brown and Fred Astaire.


"We became like this sort of bubble, like, separate from the cast and separate from other people  on set." - Robert Pattinson

"I learned that if a relationship is honest, it can last through anything despite all the challenges we have to face and everything that happens around us." - Robert Pattinson

"When I looked in Rob’s eyes I could look into his heart and he did the same.” - Kristen Stewart

"We are so proud of each other. And it’s so crazy to be here together." - Kristen Stewart


Idea: Klavier is a workaholic and barely ever gets any sleep, but he never lets on because I’m a rock star, I can’t let down my fans!

but all the people closest to him are betraying him and the press is getting  invasive because it’s the dark age of the law and your brother and best friend are corrupt, so what are you hiding? and he’s almost 30 but he started his careers early so he feels much, much older

his life is collapsing around him and he wants to get mad and scream and fight, or even kill his brother in his cell because how dare he do this

but the only thing he has energy for is smiling and laughing and doing his jobs, because music and the law are all he thinks he can control and if he works hard enough, maybe he’ll be ok

MakoHaru moments: Episode 6

I’m sorry, what?

I have a problem with this remark because it implies that science, you know, “test tubes and chemistry and all that kind of stuff,” makes people boring. By making this statement, Simon is inherently saying that science just isn’t that interesting, and sure, the girl’s voice is nice, but not enough to get over the fact that her interest in neuroscience detracts from her “X Factor.”

Not only is this statement completely subjective, but it perpetuates a long-existing stigma that discourages girls from pursuing science. According to the US Department of Commerce, females remain vastly underrepresented in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) jobs as well as among STEM degree holders. In fact, despite holding nearly half of the jobs in the United States, women hold less than 25% of STEM jobs. Furthermore, despite the rising number of girls pursuing college degrees, females are still disproportionately underrepresented in STEM degrees.

This issue manifests from numerous fields, but studies have suggested that a large factor may result from the fact that at an early age, girls are rarely encouraged to pursue STEM subjects or to envision themselves with STEM careers.

How can we expect this problem to change when popular shows such as The X Factor are making statements, such as the one above, suggesting that if a girl has an interest in science, it makes her boring? How can we support women in their pursuit in STEM careers when the media and social outlets make inaccurate, biased comments, such as these?

There has always been the preconceived notion that science is not entertaining and therefore, does not belong in the entertainment industry. However, there is nothing to say that this statement is true. Just because science in the industry is rare doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. In fact, the success of shows like The Big Bang Theory suggest that there is a growing demographic for science in entertainment.

I am not saying that Simon is not entitled to his opinion — however, I am saying that public statements such as these are dangerous. They bolster social biases that discourage girls with an interest in science and other STEM fields, supporting the inaccurate assumption that women who like science are boring.

Women in science aren’t boring.

  • Marie Curie developed ways to separate radium from radiation leading to many current practices, including chemotherapy.
  • Ada Byron spent years working on the analytical engine and suggested a plan on how such an engine coul calculate Bernouilli numbers, leading to the first ever computer program.
  • Rosalind Franklin’s research in x-ray and DNA led to some of the most groundbreaking discoveries in DNA research.
  • Lise Meitner’s research in chemistry eventually led to the discovery of a new element, the Auger effect, and the process of nuclear fission.

Science and women aren’t boring. Ignorant pricks are.


You know what really pisses me off when someone likes something because they think it is cool to like it, not because they genuinely like it.

And guys I am really scared that people will turn classic rock into something trendy instead of something to live for.

For me classic rock is more than music

It is a way of life, a way of life that shouldn’t be worn on t shirts because it “looks cool” but because you love it.

I have shown my love for Gravity Falls… deertaur Dipper was inevitable. XD Now the question is how many of you guys saw this coming.


Charlie & Monroe | 2.13

New Vegas.

@LawsonAndy: Chilling with my goose.

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