• doesn’t want to be called Akashi anymore because he feels unworthy of the family name
  • attempts to gouge his eyes out
  • silent cries and/or goes completely dead
  • scream cries and/or snaps
  • doesn’t line up to bow because he is frozen in place
  • instability, self-consciousness and questioning his existence ensues
  • Kuroko feels he failed at “melting those cold eyes” and only made them colder/this isn’t the kind of victory he wanted (FLASHBACK TEIKO TRAUMA GO)
  • tries to physically harm himself some kind of way
  • manages to fuck up one eye and has to wear an eyepatch from then on out*
  • dad gives him shit and/or kicks him out the household (SHUN)
  • dad says almost the exact same words he said to Kuroko "i’m disappointed in you."
  • quits his position as captain and playing basketball five-ever
  • leaves Rakuzan
  • Kuroko hugs him*
  • his reaction is actually really watered-down and mediocre for someone whose never lost and places victory so highly on his hierarchy of needs 
  • nothing happens because Rakuzan wins and everything is right with the world
things the night vale fandom will probably never get over
  • is khoschekh even a fuckin CAT???
  • episode 25
  • where the heck is earl harlan
  • is earl harlan ok
  • what is carlos’s last name??
  • what is kevin’s last name???
  • on the subject of kevin is he ACTUALLY terrifying or was cecil exaggerating
  • why the fuck was there gore in the studio jfc kevin that is fucked up clean that up please
  • his middle name is GERSHWINN???
  • is steve actually a jerk or does cecil just not like him
  • which dana is dana??
  • why is the weather music
  • clocks aren’t fuckin real
  • cecil’s brother
  • gershwinn????? seriously????

So I’ve been thinking a lot all day about this whole “the mark needs to be fed” thing and I’m wondering if being a young demon with the Mark of Cain is sort of like being a baby vamp in True Blood. In the world of True Blood the older the vampire, the less they need to feed. If you’ve watched the show you’ll know that there was a character named Godric, and he was over 2,000 years old. Near the end of his life he said he required “very little blood anymore” and I always got the impression he hadn’t fed on a human in a very long time.

We don’t know how old Cain actually is, but we have to assume a couple thousand years at least. So I have to wonder if his age was a major factor in his ability to stop killing once he met Colette, or if the power of love is just that strong. Not only that, once she was gone he was able to throw the first blade into the deepest ocean and live a quiet life of solitary bee keeping, keeping his promise to stop the killing. Does his mark still need to be fed? Or is he simply so old the urges are no longer an issue? Has he somehow learned to control them solely because of his love for Colette, or do the urges become less intense over the years? 

There’s no way Dean will be able to keep the mark and live if he’s not a demon, he won’t be strong enough, but before he’s cured completely, if he is “patched up” temporarily by human blood or angel grace or some combination of the two, the mark will still be an issue. He won’t die from the urges because he will still technically be a demon, but I assume the mark will still need to be fed even then. So, will the power of love have to come into play early on? Or will his young age as a demon result in the urges being too overwhelming to fight after a while?