• doesn’t want to be called Akashi anymore because he feels unworthy of the family name
  • attempts to gouge his eyes out
  • silent cries and/or goes completely dead
  • scream cries and/or snaps
  • doesn’t line up to bow because he is frozen in place
  • instability, self-consciousness and questioning his existence ensues
  • Kuroko feels he failed at “melting those cold eyes” and only made them colder/this isn’t the kind of victory he wanted (FLASHBACK TEIKO TRAUMA GO)
  • tries to physically harm himself some kind of way
  • manages to fuck up one eye and has to wear an eyepatch from then on out*
  • dad gives him shit and/or kicks him out the household (SHUN)
  • dad says almost the exact same words he said to Kuroko "i’m disappointed in you."
  • quits his position as captain and playing basketball five-ever
  • leaves Rakuzan
  • Kuroko hugs him*
  • his reaction is actually really watered-down and mediocre for someone whose never lost and places victory so highly on his hierarchy of needs 
  • nothing happens because Rakuzan wins and everything is right with the world
things the night vale fandom will probably never get over
  • is khoschekh even a fuckin CAT???
  • episode 25
  • where the heck is earl harlan
  • is earl harlan ok
  • what is carlos’s last name??
  • what is kevin’s last name???
  • on the subject of kevin is he ACTUALLY terrifying or was cecil exaggerating
  • why the fuck was there gore in the studio jfc kevin that is fucked up clean that up please
  • his middle name is GERSHWINN???
  • is steve actually a jerk or does cecil just not like him
  • which dana is dana??
  • why is the weather music
  • clocks aren’t fuckin real
  • cecil’s brother
  • gershwinn????? seriously????