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“So silky and smooth”-Zedd on Troye’s voice.

(But seriously, I would have given anything to see Troye’s reaction when Zedd called him up and asked him to feature.)

one of my mom’s students is a Large Emo and she talks about how he’s rly into my chem and stuff and she’s brought up me, her Emo Daughter, twice in class (she wore my panic! shirt once for dress-as-a-student day and talked about me playing mcr in the car) and apparently he brought in a fob and panic shirt for her to give to me?? This is like the nicest thing that’s ever happened 2 me

Let me tell you about this receipt.
So as you may or may not know, I went to fanimecon this weekend and hung out with all the Homestucks. One of the shops in the area carries Faygo. If you know a thing or two about the Homestuck fandom, Faygo is a somewhat important thing to the fandom. Last year, because of things that happened in the fandom at fanime, the store made a rule that only five Homestucks can be in the store at any given time.
That means when the Homestucks want Faygo, they send five people to go get some. I volunteered, and ended up buying 10 bottles of Faygo for the people that gave me money. In total, the Homestuck fandom probably bought more than 50 bottles of Faygo throughout the course of the con.
We made sure to thank the store a lot for helping us out, and for selling us pretty much all of their Faygo.


Every so often I’m obligated to remind folks I have a little shop where I sell prints and stickers and a cookbook, so hey!

I’m not sure what else to say. I ship to anywhere with a postal address? I’m super flexible with requests so if there’s a print size you would like or a sticker you want to slap up somewhere, I am more than willing to make that happen for you? There’s new stuff fairly often? I’m one of the few people selling 12 art apparently??

But if you like my work and are able to show your support, I’d massively appreciate it! One more shop link for the road.

Hope is so important.

Without hope, our faith is weak. God has been showing me the strength in keeping hope. In not choosing to despair, or look at the circumstances and be down. It’s so easy to get focused on stuff that’s happened rather than rise up with faith and look at how great God is, and believe good is coming.

I want to live a life of faith. Yet all to often I disqualify myself from even being used by God because I’m hurting, because of where I am, because of what’s not. But faith looks less at what is not, and more at who God is. God says, “Trust Me.” It’s simple.

I want so much to begin every day with a hope that is alive and a faith that is strong, to believe God can do anything and there is good ahead. I’m ready to stop fighting battles and start walking as more than a conqueror. I was meant to be victorious, not defeated.

I know some days are a struggle. I know some days I feel really alone, dissatisfied, and I think too much when I should just let things go and trust God. God is calling me higher. To rise above and to rise with Him.

I’m realizing that to move forward, you have to let go of what weighs you down and holds you back. For me, it’s sadness and hurt. It’s the brokenness caused that I can’t seem to heal from as quickly as I’d like. So much in me wants to give up trying to be strong and just take a break from life and do things that bring me joy again.

But joy is not from our lives being the way we want them. Joy is not created by human hands. Joy is Jesus. It’s knowing Him in even the worst circumstances and most painful times and seeing that there is still reason to rejoice. It’s begin secure in God’s care, God’s soverigenty, God’s justness and greatness and compassion. It’s finding peace in His presence. It’s being able to smile because nothing can change that God loves you.


So we’re at swimming today and Everytime I go I ask for the family code so i can help the boys if they need to and they feel safer with me and today this women told me that Brayden my 9 year old will have to go into the men’s change room alone cause the age restrictions..

Me: ummm that’s not going to happen I’m sorry

Her: well those are the rules

Me: I don’t care I’m not letting my child go into a change room with Stangers to get undress and change into his swimming stuff. Would you allow your child to that alone expecially if your in a different change room with his brother?.

Her: do you want to talk to a manager?

Me: yes please.

Ofcourse the manager left for the day and i know i was being dramatic but come on. Like there are so many risks of letting him go into the change room alone.

Mom’s & dad’s what would you do?

Firsts - Harry Styles One Shot (Mature)

Y/N is Harry’s first. I always read stories where he already has experience but I want to read something where it’s also new for him.

Hiya bunnies! This is the first request I’ve been able to write since requests reopened and I hope you like it. It’s not too graphic or overly explicit. Requests are still open, but it’s taking me a while because I have stuff to do and my laptop’s still broken so I’m writing this on a dinosaur of a laptop which is minutes from death. Love ya! x 

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azuremage asked:

You're really kind, and quick on the uptake about telling people not to send hate towards the person using your name. How often does that happen to you?

Well thanks! I find someone using my info/character about once or twice a month. I typically just ignore it, but if it’s really bad I might send them a message in private asking them to stop. In this case, I used the opportunity as an example because I want to get my opinion on the subject out there.

I think some people honestly don’t know or understand that doing stuff like this is a little off-putting to artists and character creators. I’ve garnered a (I think?)large following here on tumblr and the last thing I want to do is send an angry mob in the direction of someone who probably doesn’t know they’re doing anything wrong.

Lastly, anger only breeds anger so why not turn the experience into something we can learn from?

*jazz hands*

I posted this in Ferrets Unite, but I think Tumblr could benefit from this information too!

I just wanted to share a piece of advice with everyone. I wish I’d realised that I could have done this before 2 of my ferrets ended up ill at the same time to avoid a lot of heartache and asking for help.

I believe it is incredibly important to have a savings account for your ferrets to cover any vets costs that may arise. Situations can change and stuff happens which can’t be helped, so having a safety net like a savings account can literally save your ferrets life!

I tend to put a certain amount away every month in a seperate account and I also have a credit card as a back up incase I don’t have enough savings to cover it.

Every ferrent has an obligation to care for their ferrets and this involves vets visits when they need check ups and treatment.

I’m not quite sure why people want the triple threat match with the Shield members RIGHT NOW. When they could have one hell of a triple threat match at Wrestlemania next year. It has the big stage written all over it. It’s tiresome hearing people cry over dumb stuff that will EVENTUALLY happen. Live your life and wait for it. Goddamn.

So pretty much, my decision is...

That I will most likely be “permanently” leaving tumblr by the end of the week. The reason I say “permanently” is because I won’t be deleting my blog as there is a lot of good stuff on here and I will find a way to stay connected with the few people that have been in touch with me over the past few years. I also will probably log on and post if anything drastic and major happens that I feel like people should know about. But mainly, don’t expect me to be on here for a long time.

Reason being (and I don’t want to sound corny but it’s the truth):
I have found my happy ending with uspstatedude. As much as I have loved tumblr in the past, it was something that I needed to keep my time occupied and to get my mind off of things with. As I’m sure most of you could tell, I don’t need that anymore. I am perfectly content and ecstatic to spend my time talking and being with Allen. There is so much love that it is amazing. He has opened a whole new part of my life that I never knew was there. The month that I wasn’t on here, I have found time for other things and I found that I didn’t feel the need to post at all. I am happier and more in love than I’ve ever been in my life.

On that note, there are a bunch of you that I really loved getting to know and becoming friends with. Chances are, if you’ve made it to this point in the post, you are one of those people. So if you feel the need to stay in touch with me, please feel free to message me before I log off on Friday and we can figure out a way that we can stay in touch.

I’ll be posting a few more times until then with some life stuff but other than that, it’s so long and farewell!

Thank you all so much for a great few years.

-Nick/ that guy that looks like Kristoff/ former tumblr addict

Fursuiters at cons

Met a few other suiters at DCC But felt like I had to say this.

Do not stuff your fursuit head in other people’s faces. I had this happen a few times and it was very uncomfortable and I actually had to physically push one person away because they kept pushing theirs right into mine (rather roughly too) and I was afraid mine would get damaged. 

Do not touch other con-goers without their permission. This includes other fursuiters. Some people are uncomfortable with furries and do not wish to be hugged or touched. Some fursuiters do not want to be hugged. You absolutely need to respect this. If you want a photo with someone, have your handler ask them or speak very clearly.

If you want to hug someone, hold out your arms for the universal “hug?” gesture. If they do not return it or turn away, do not pester them. Leave them be. Do not hug them anyways. I had multiple fursuiters do this when I shook my head and hands no. I know it can be hard to see, but you really need to make sure the person wants a hug before you do it.

You need to be respectful of other people’s wishes at all times when in suit. This is why furries get bad rep, because some furries do not respect physical boundaries.

I had a rather large badge that said “Please ASK before hugging me.” and everyone but the fursuiters asked me first. Other con-goers were very respectful of asking me. They even asked if they could put their arm around me for photos. Even children asked me if it was ok and if they couldn’t read yet, their parents asked me. Everyone but the fursuiters were very respectful of my personal space.

Also for the love of god, do not hold children. No matter what the parents or kids want. I had a few people ask me to pick up their kids or hold their baby and I flat out refused. If you drop them or something you’re in for a world of legal trouble. Be aware of where your hands are. I know this is hard because we can’t really feel or see, but try to keep your hands to their shoulders or upper back only. This keeps the photo from turning out awkward looking and they can’t accuse you of molestation or something. For photos with kids, kneel down to their level if you can.

anonymous asked:

I fucking hate EA. Honestly I wish BioWare would go solo, I mean it won't happen but yeah 2 months is ridiculous and I'm super unenthusiastic about the release dates of further DLC (sorry to rant but it's super annoying)

Yeah, unfortunately a big company like Bioware needs EA as their publishers and can’t go solo without losing rights and resources for their work. EA knows that, for each of their projects they know it and wield it as they want. The only save grace being that Bioware demanded in their contract, that they be run by their own company head rather than one of EA’s. I’d hate to see it, had they let that slip and have it running otherwise.

So no, rant away. It’s really ridiculous and Microsoft is to blame for this too, seeing as they require the other systems content (even XBOX 360) to be held for a determined time. In the small, vague hope that someone will go out and buy a whole new XBOne system, a new Dragon Age game, and the resulting early access DLC. EA and Microsoft are just pushing for that last little bit of money (and yet stupidly not realizing they are losing a lot more, because there are a bunch of people who just don’t even want the DLC now).

taibhse-an-laoch asked:

Prompt: Henry goes and brings his birth mother to Storybrooke, only difference is Regina's blind. Thanks :)

So, this idea is going to take a while. Longer than my usual while of two, three days, a week tops. This is going to be updated whenever I’ve the time to write and edit it but I wanted to at least give the first chapter since you had been very patience with me already and I was feeling bad because of the wait xD The idea is perfect and I’ve passed the last weeks working on it and trying to make it as good and reliable as possible since I want to be as realistic as possible.

I’ve read as much as I’ve been able to and talked with a few people I know near me that are blind (one blind at birth the other one because “stuff happens” as they called it) and whereas I know every person is different and so their experiences in the matter will be different since I’m not blind and I’m merely using other people experiences to be as fair as possible with Regina’s character I would love to have a little bit of feedback as the story progresses.

This is only a mere introduction to the story, the first chapter will be posted both in AO3 and in under the name of Painted voices (The penname the same as my url in both sites)

And that’s it. I’m actually nervous with this one so please. I know the prologue is barely a mere introduction but if as the story progress if anyone still reading this feels that there are things that because of their own experiences or people they know I should have written it differently tell me! (I could have done something on purpose basing on my friends experiences of course but, as I said above I want to be as realistic as possible and not offend anyone in the process.)

Emma closed her eyes and kicked her car, fury and embarrassment still flooding her system.

She exhaled as she opened her eyes, she knew she was still visible from the interior of the house in anyone happened to look outside but she was too shaken up to even think to move her car away and do as she had been politely asked to do. Not that she wanted to stay of course.

Folding her arms and putting her hands below her armpits she sighed, shaking her head and trying to recover her usual coolness. Turning to look at the big white mansion in front of her she noticed the very well taken garden and the obviously loved flowers that grew just above the fence that lead to the main door of the house.

“This was just another case Swan” She thought, trying to delude herself. She tilted her head back and rest it in the roof of the bug, her eyes closing as she started to do one of the many breathing tricks she knew by now.

Nothing, useless.

Opening her eyes once again she caught a slight movement on the top window from the left, as if someone had just closed the blinders but had been staring at her until now.

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lmao implying that the fact that ppl want to shield children from porn is in any context misogynist is so ass backwards like... i really don't understand how you reach that conclusion but whatever. also the whole argument began when some dudes started calling themselves gemtelmen like some kinda bronies 2.0 and everyone was creeped out so

yeah i think i saw that post it was like two ppl talking about that and it’s a thing that never happened. i see tons of SU stuff on my thing and i’ve literally never seen the word “gemtlemen” outside of that one, single post and a bunch of shrieking and fear-mongering

most if not all of the SU porn i’ve seen is by non-dude artists and presented in a very lady-positive way and that’s why a few pieces of it have found themselves in my likes even though i’m not actively a fan of the show (nothing against the show i just havent took the time to watch it)

tumblr is hella misogynist though, and pretending that it doesn’t in some way inform the disproportionately negative reaction to adult SU fanworks is pretty ass-backwards in and of itself

leave me alone

stungun44 asked:

Have you ever shown someone a finished piece and they ask "Wow, you did that?" and your response is "I know, right?!?!" cause i've done that like 9/10 times

Hhaha I think the only person whos done that to me was my dad a year or two ago. I happened to pull up my blog and he hadn’t seen my stuff in YEARS (not that he doesnt want to hes not an internet person) .  He said that a lot..’ WOAH YOU DID THIS ?? …AND THIS ONE ?? ..AND ..ok that one i dont much care for its a little strange…that one too…BUT THIS ONE’ . 

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I'm so sick of hearing how Bamon is doomed. Like how? Elena is gone, Caroline said there's more Bamon stuff to come like how are they doomed. Ian said he thinks Bamon will kiss next season, people are still negative. They want Bamon to happen right in season 7, knowing that Julie and the cw are going for more seasons. I expect a development with Bamon throughout season7 and then the last few episodes for hints of romantic Bamon for season 8. Bonnie can have fun while Damon gets his life in order

Tell me when you find out how we are doomed cause I’d not get it either. Damon is going to take a while to even be at the point where Bonnie and him can be together. 

Forcing relationships and using elements that brings out the worst in characters in what got us season 4 and 5 to begin with. 

If Bonnie and Damon happens right after all this mess: 

1. Bonnie is rebound

2. Damon is nothing but someone she wants to show gratitude 

as a result you have another set of toxic mess cause emotions aren’t in the right place. 

As much as I’m not here for the whole shit thing about the sleep, it can used in the most perfect way to set Bonnie and Damon together. In fact I will be pissed, if they do not use it. I already have my theory regarding Nina but that’s another story. 

Hell I expect Bonnie and Damon to have a fallout about that decision. And guess what they need to have it. I want it. I need it. I need them communicating. I need them working through things on their own and with each other. 

I need so many things and so many things needs to happen, before they can commit to each other as lovers and be able to maintain their friendship and mostly to  continue respecting and trusting each other. Something most relationships on this show lacks, ‘cause you know they jump into bed first and just ignore the most important things in a relationship. 

They like to scream love but there is no love without respect and trust. If someone claims to love you but does not respect or trust you then hon, they do not love you. 

I’m ready for what’s next to come.

Like you I expect them to drag them, I’m the realistic person within my friends circle. And one of my friends watched the last episode with me, she stopped watching TVD long ago. And before that she was helping me with a blog and we talked about the last interview from Kat during the con in Brazil. 

So I asked her what she thought and she was it’s going to happen but they will drag it cause they have the emotional connection and chemistry to drag a storyline regarding them. I mean look at how long it took them to bring them to this point and lets be honest, we have had a better storyline within a season  than most romantic relationships on this show. 

Some things could have been better but it still was way better than even I anticipated on some cases. So people should relax and wait for things before they freak out. If things changes, I will freak out with them too. lol

i see your “lawrence is a ruthless killer” gta headcanons but i raise you this:

  • he’s the best at planning stuff, seeing alternative possibilities, etc.
  • he’s the designated sniper (not because he wants to, but because he’s absolute shit at everything else)
  • he tries to convince the guys to let him do something aside from sniping every single fucking time
  • nobody ever lets it happen
  • the last time he went on a heist and didn’t snipe, they almost didn’t make it out alive
  • i’m serious he’s the clumsiest person alive
  • he’s a wanted criminal who insists he’s pretty good at stealth
  • lawrence please you are terrible at stealth