Phone Call

Drew was just getting back home from seeing Ashley when he got a phone call, the TARDIS ringtone signature to Lucy’s ID, and flipped his phone open cheerfully.

"Happy birthday, Lucy!"

There was an awful lot of chatter and background noise around her. It was slightly difficult to make out what she was saying.  But nonetheless he could tell that her voice was not it’s normal.  Sounded hoarse, like she’d been crying.  ”Hey Drew, you have Satoru’s insurance information, right?” Well, that could not be good. 


‘Well,” Lucy sniffed, “Satoru’s in the emergency room and getting stitches and probably some other stuff and I need it.  Or, the nurses need it.” What on earth happened?  They were out on a date for goodness sake! 

“What happened, Lucy?”  Drew’s brows furrowed with worry and confusion, what had happened?

“Well, to summarize it simply, he got knifed in the leg and lost a lot of blood and he needs stitches and probably-” Her voice cut off for a second, “How about you just tell me the info or come over to the hospital and I’ll tell you the story then. This isn’t really the time. The nurse needs the information.”

Deciding that was the best route to take, Drew recited the insurance information to Lucy over the phone.  He hung up soon after, assuring Lucy that he would be there in a matter of minutes,  Grabbing his keys off of the table where he had just laid them down, he stepped right back out of the apartment after making sure he had his wallet and essentials with him, right back into the New York City night, speeding off to the hospital.  His best friend was hurt.