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aaHH my hair used to be that color but my job made me go back to black ;__; It looks really good!

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AAAAAAAAAH IT LOOKS SO GOOOD!!! <3Makes me miss my red hair T^T 

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It’s too bright for me. I was really going for a richer red. djsahgajsk I think tomorrow I’m going to go buy deeper color to put on top of it. loool

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I think you'd be fantastic. You should watch it, the english dub is actually really fantastic! It's on Netflix instant queue :) You remind me of the voice actor for Haruhi when she's talking normally, it's awesome!

I should! Maybe I will~ I don’t have Netflix but maybe I can find it around. And really? //// Thank you! <333

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so i literally asked two of my best guy friends what pokemon i'd be and BOTH of them said ninetails. without even knowing the other said it. SO THAT'S MY CHOICE <3 ahh i miss you by the way omg

Oh, how cute! Ninetales it is. Done and done.

I miss you, too. Get back in my life!

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MELINDA I WATCHED OURAN HIGHSCHOOL HOST CLUB AND I HAVE SO MANY FEELS AND JUST.. I CAN'T EVEN. oh and you should totally go into voice acting. i'm not even kidding, you'd be perfect. AND YOU SHOULD RP HOSTCLUB WITH ME K OKAY K hahaha i miss you dear!!

I would but I’ve never seen it. I’ve watched Fruits Basket, Digimon S01/02, and some earlier Pokémon and Sailor Moon as far as anime goes. Oh, and the Devil May Cry anime. lmao, I’m so lame.

but dkjhgsjd really??? you think i should be a voice actor asjfbsghsdjd iwanttoreallybadly ;;;;;;;;; I miss you too!!