Angel dream.

I was taking a nice nap yesterday, and I saw a dream. In that dream, if you wanted to get to our basement floor you had to cross a long stone bridge over darkness. On the both sides of the bridge there were hazy lamp posts, and hundreds of weeping angels in fetters, facing the road. In our basement there were small angel statues all around the room, on the table, on the sofa, on top of the tv. And this all seemed like a completely normal day and I spent the afternoon watching tv without a care in the world.

When I crossed the bridge again to to have a nice family meal, I watched the stone faces passing by, as they were all staring back at me. I got near the end of the bridge when I blinked and suddenly one angel had moved as close to me as the chains let go, making a terrible face, looking like  it was going to attack. I jumped in the air out of surprise. When I got to the dinner table, I tried to convince myself that the small basement angels, which were free, were harmless, if you just took somebody with you to keep an eye on them, but somebody pointed out that there was no way you could see them all, since they were all around you, just waiting and watching quietly.

During a second I realized all the danger and the panic took control of my brain. I stared at the open basement door, and the darkness that peaked trough. Even thou I was in our light kitchen now I was crippled with fear, and knew I would never be able to sleep that night, and knew I just needed to escape, if that would help either. I formed a thought: “I wanna go sleep over Teemu and Nat today” and then I woke up. 

It took about an hour to calm the fear enough I could stop staring at my bedroom door and go shut it. How lovely, Moffat.

Thank you all for following! 

kahvikuppi replied to your postSo I’m 18 now, which means I’m supposed to be an…

Oi, onneksi olkoon, itse vasta muutaman kuukauden päästä. Mihin nää vuodet oikeen meneekään. :D

Niinpä. NIINPÄ. Ja merci beaucoup!

theryokkun replied to your postSo I’m 18 now, which means I’m supposed to be an…

I’m 18 soon too o.o epfkergfer.

welcome to the asagdhgdz gang.

gingerbatch replied to your postSo I’m 18 now, which means I’m supposed to be an…

Heh, onnittelut! :—D

Tack så mycket! :)) kyllä, yritän keksiä erilaisia keinoja sanoa ‘kiitos’

theryokkun replied to your post: I don’t know how I made this… but I have a friend….

One guy from my class does the same thing.. He watched Merlin. Sherlock and started Doctor Who. And if I said I like some bands few days later he said he like it too… ://

It’s funny isn’t it. Also kind of annoying. Okay, the conversation I’m having with this guy is nice because it’s always nice to talks with things you like with someone who likes same stuff.

Now I mentioned him I’m reading The Song of Ice and Fire and watching Game of Thrones. Maybe next week he tells me he started to read the first book too XD