Keeter: Wow, I just got the best clothes ever.
Teitokun: Oh?
Keeter: Beginner skirt
Ketter: so comfy
Teitokun: OMG
Mitsurashi: Omg xD
Vyei: lol
Keeter: With my long black boots
Keeter: I feel like a stripper
Vyei: *summons a pole in front of keeter*
Vyei: now we can make some guild funds

And thus this comic was born. Poor Teito and Mitsu xD


Therlain Weekly Update: Episode 6 is coming tonight!


This past week has been pretty slow, but tonight we get to play through the next episode of The Saga: Iria!

Last week we helped Maike and Dowra defend the Elves and Giants from the Black Dragon and White Dragon’s armies, and as we headed up to Zardine to defeat the dragons themselves, the mysterious Black Mask and Dragon Knight showed up, turning the Milletians into demons! Fortunately we had Lelach’s charm, which kept us from turning into a demon as well. What will happen next? We’ll find out in a couple of hours! Be sure to log in before 6 PM PST to get a hot time gift!

Next week is Episode 7 and the new Life skills and Gunner Talent!


Saturday 28th 4pm-7pm PST/6pm- 9pm CST 


Me (missanimefan), Mitsu (Mitsurashi), and Tei (Teitokun) are hosting a Xmas/New Years Event at the Whirlpool Mark in Physis~

Feel free to join us Therlain as Mitsu sets off fireworks and every 30 minutes missanimefan (yours truly) will be giving away 10 Shadow Crystals to a random person! Check in with Mitsurashi for a chance to get some shadow crystals! There might just be some gacha instruments given away as well at random intervals :)

If you check in by the first hour you will have a chance to win a regular (no brooch) Starlet wig! We will be using a random generator to select the winners! So be sure to join us and hang out with friends! You are welcome to challenge others to PVPs or just chat and enjoy hanging out!

We hope you’ll join us~!


Enjoy the comic sans

Totally not because a certain someone failed at gacha-ing wings or anything »

Plans for the future!

Today, July 9th 2013, marks the date of Therlain’s creation.

Since we just started out, we can only have 5 members. But soon we will be able to hold more members in our guild. To begin with, we need to start accumulating GP for our guild stone.

Other things that are happening: Pokeball and Therlain are planning a joint event between our two guilds, which will be detailed later on. This event is a scavenger hunt that will involve going through an Alby Dungeon obstacle course to receive various hints as to what items will need to be dropped to get to the final dungeon. The event will have a 10k entry fee (5k to both of the hosting guilds, the gold will be used to fund the guilds) and the winner will receive 10k NX (Yes we are giving away 10$ of NX to the winner!) There will be more details on this event later on, once we have a better idea of what will happen (such as date, time, and other prizes for runner-ups)

As the guild’s officer, I have high hopes for our guild, and hope that we can share many fond memories together in the future!

-Mitsurashi, Therlain’s officer.

~Therlain Guild Meeting Notes: 10.5.13~

Today was our first guild meeting! We talked about a few things tonight, mainly concerning guild activities.

First off was recruiting. Since we’re still a fairly small guild, we should be recruiting every day with party signs, as well as trying to grab the attention of anyone we find who doesn’t have a guild. We shouldn’t be afraid to talk to new people, because we could make new friends! If you recruit someone to the guild, tell them to note me (Mitsurashi) or Chii (Namikostar) about joining the guild.

Next we talked about the guild Tumblr. We have a blog on Tumblr that in the past we updated with guild news and Mabinogi news. I’ve assigned Grell and Teito to update the guild page on at least a weekly basis, so that those who happen to find us on Tumblr might become interested in following our exploits. (Our tags should be Mabinogi, Guild, and Therlain, in addition to whatever else we post)

Third we talked about events. Since Halloween is coming up, we are planning a halloween event. Chii is interested in hosting a music festival. We also noted that anyone from Therlain is welcome to join in on any of Pokeball’s or Kaizers’ guild events, as well as any other alliances we hold.

Finally we talked about a new way for keeping in touch with our guild and its alliance. We are using a new program called RaidCall, which is similar to Skype, but a lot more organized and focused on gaming. We still do use skype, but while we are in-game, we usually use RaidCall, as it allows multiple rooms for different parties, and nobody has to host a call—anyone can join and leave rooms as they please.

Our next guild meeting is on the 12th. Hopefully everyone will be able to take a break from Pokemon X or Y to meet up!