This soul is not my own.

It is made of splinters, past lives, past armageddons.

Feral voices cry in my dreams.

The kingfisher warbles, longing to stretch her wings and fly free.

The fox snickers and shrieks, deteriorating, quiet, but felt.

The coyote howls, lunging against the cage of my ribs.

The deer keens, missing the sunlight and the leaves and the wind.

The wolf snarls and tears at its prison, physically painful.

The bobcat cries, loudest of all, and forces it’s being into my limbs and mind, digging phantom claws into dirt under my fingers, listening with unseen ears, never quite able to take full control but always right there in case the chance arises.

My claws, my ears, my tail, my fangs.

I am human, but my soul is not.

I am human, but only barely so.

I’ve been the wolf and kingfisher in my dreams, felt the limbs of the deer and bobcat, howled like the coyote, thought like the fox, all of my fragments fight for my control, fight to be free, and I feel like they will tear me apart form the inside out.

But… I like this. This in-between. The souls that have fled from their tragedy, and have clung to mine, they make me who I am. I am Therian, not otherkin or were or demon, and I am proud.

So, I don't know how common this is, but...

Have you ever met someone and suddenly your less-dominant/near nonexistent theriotype just sort of starts taking the stage all of a sudden?

Since I met my one friend, I’ve been getting increasingly bird-like, especially in mannerisms, despite being 90-95% cat for all my living memory. I didn’t even awaken to my bird side until after puberty, when I just sort of one day went, “Wait…where did these wings come from?!”

I’m still mostly cat, but it’s more like 2/3 than the previous 4/5. I’m not complaining, and it’s really brought me closer to my genetically-corvid kin, but it’s kind of leaving me muddled. Anyone else been through this kind of thing?

Please be wary of the blog Otherkinhelp!

Otherkinhelp has helped spread misinformation; supports and ables violent ideas, tendencies, and actions; draws personal lines in the sand for what they will and will not help with (which is rude and something a help blog should not do); and uses some very odd psychology when answering some asks. 

All-in-all, it’s an unsafe place to go to with questions, especially if you actually do need help or have an urgent problem. 

If you do need help, however, there are safe blogs that you can go to!

Therian Help Desk is a therian-specific blog run by 3 mods who have all been in the community for about 10 years. Together, they have nearly 30 years of experience with the community and the ins and outs of being a therian. 

Otherkinavenger (hey, that’s us!) is a broad-spectrum blog that’s available to help all kintypes, theriotypes, and groups alongside otherkin such as lycanthropes, vampires/vampyres, starseeds, etc. 

Kinfood. If you’re hungry, have a craving, or just want your diet to reflect your kintype, kinfood is like a giant otherkin recipe book. If you want something specific they don’t have, they also take requests!

While the vampire support page isn’t on a Tumblr blog, it could probably be helpful to vampires who need it, or who can’t find help within the otherkin community.

PLEASE be careful when asking for help on the internet. Always use your common sense and don’t take any advice given at face value— always do your own research before coming to any sort of conclusion.

True or False?

You can claim an animal as your theriotype while knowing nothing about said animal.

Awhile back, I had a therian (Fox/king cheetah/wolf) come to me for advice on therianthropy. However, not much advice was exchanged as this person insisted that foxes being felines was her opinion and that she could not be told otherwise. Either way, another therian I knew had mentioned signs of potentially identifying as the “wrong animal.” One of these signs were knowing nothing about your theriotype.

I realize that you can feel you’re theriotype and may not be able to name it yet, but can you name your theriotype without knowing anything about it? What are your opinions and thoughts?

Peace Please

Ok, i know ill get rants back for this and hate, but i just need to get this off my chest.

When i first discovered therianthropy and my theriotype i saw it as a peaceful community. However dwelling further in i see lots of hate and arguing between other members. My pack has received negative feedback for something as simple as the pack name or accidentally putting the tag “wolf” on a photo of a husky. I do understand that some people within the community “all have the name wolfie” or “are all wolves”, but cant we just accept it?

Now I’m not saying “don’t state your opinions” thats not what I’m trying to convey. I just want everyone to get along and be who they want to be.

Im sorry if this offended anyone, if so my apologies.

Cladotherianthropy: History and Definition

The term cladotherian dates back to the year 2003 and was coined on the Awareness Forums by a user, Mokele who used it themselves and identified as a reptile cladotherian.

The word, cladotherian comes from the Greek word klados meaning “branch” and therion meaning “animal.” The klados prefix was originally chosen by its creator because in scientific terms, a clade is a grouping of an organism and all its descendants. It is referred to as a clade in reference to the “tree of life” which is formed in diagrams showing the connections between species over millennia due to distant with modification - one line of linage being merely a branch on the tree. The word clado was also chosen because the word cladistics meaning the modern taxonomic method of classifying organisms according to evolutionary relationship between them.

Likewise, a cladotherian is someone who’s theriotype is neither a single distinct species nor is it many separate animals like those who are polytherians (those who two or more theriotypes). Rather, a cladotherian’s theriotype is the general essence or spirit of all animals within a given taxa, meaning a grouping of organisms within a taxonomic rank (within a genus, family, order and so on) or similar. For example, cladotherians identifying with the genus Ursus alone, would identify with bears within that category including the American Black Bear, the Brown Bear,  Polar Bear, the Asiatic Black Bear, and a few other species. However, a cladotherian identifying with the family Ursidae -of which Ursus includes- it would include a much larger and wide range of species including sun bears, sloth bears, the extinct short-faced bear, spectacled bears, the giant panda, and others. However, cladotherianthropy does not mean that a therian is still searching for a specific species nor have they just not been able to narrow down from a family or genus to a species.

For more information on cladotherianthropy, here is an article going more in-depth on the term.

guys, im starting to feel a phantom tail like…a lot at first I thought it was just the end of my wings or something but as it got stronger I realized its a tail..but I don’t know like..what theriotype/kintype it associates with…

I did a little research to see if I could have a sled dog past….I guess there have been cases of Alaskan huskies being wolf mixes and being used in sledding for their great endurance and stamina and all that. Although they are often frowned upon for being hard to train and socialize. So I guess it’s possible.

So please don’t be mad if I add some huskies in my “theriotype” tag.

anonymous said:

I for one support theangrylionshark and she knows that I only identify as my Theriotype about 10%. It's not about how much you identify as something else, it's about identifying as something other than human at ALL.

That’s awesome! I am not sure who the theangrylionshark is, but if she makes you feel awesome! That is great! 

For me personally, I see identity as something that only an individual can define. Which makes answering questions about identity hard. As a community, we usually only define otherkin as someone who doesn’t identify as human. From there, every kin has their own unique idea about what goes behind their identity. 

All of the mods here also have their identities, and our own ideas behind what makes a kin a kin- however us mods have to remember that our ideas are no greater than any other kin’s idea. Which is why we answers questions about “sandwichkins” and “is it okay to identify only my pinky as a cat”. Which, for the most part, are things that don’t fit into our (or at least mine) personal believe of otherkin.

We have no idea what a person may be going through. They could be a troll, someone very confused, or could really identify that way. As mods,  our jobs are (to the best of our ability), answer these questions without policing another person’s own thoughts about who they might be.

Every once in a while, we may state our own opinion which I believe is what happened here. If you disagree with it, that is totally fine! Respectfully disagreeing about things is a great, healthy way for individuals to learn more about each other. However, know that every one of the mods here have different opinions and though one member may disagree with you- another mod may agree with you 100%. The diverse ideas in our community is what makes it so special. ^^ 

A quickie for peeps that are interested. The current system for category IDs.  

This demonstrates what decisions go into constructing one, and how my programming breaks an ID down into it’s heirachy and determines what kind of ID it is (group/likeness/deriv/kind). Because the breakdown is automated, changing the ID to rearrange it’s position or heirachy is as easy as renaming it in the database. (So long as it isn’t the super group, but I’m finding a way of making that work too…)

There can be an infinite number of groups, likenesses and derivatives in any ID. There can only ever be one kind, and it is always at the end.

Once again using a race from the Elenari past life mythos as an example since it’s the longest category ID i have, even though I probably will never cover them :P.

Not sure about using the suborder of the animal kingdom for Likeness in theriotypes. I’m contemplating making it the Family or Genus, but I’m going to leave that for one of the questions I’m going to pose to people in my upcoming Grand Feedback/Question Thing.

About Mod Wolfy

Hello guys, I’m Mod Wolfy, one of the two people who run this blog! Here’s a little about myself.

I’m a 15 year old polykin therian, my theriotypes being winged wolf, deer and cat! I’m female and I was born May 1st, my zodiac being Taurus. I live in the United States, in North Carolina. I’m pansexual, and taken.

I’m a huge dork who loves anime, specifically Hetalia, SnK, and Kill La Kill. I have a profound love for the Yogscast, my favorite youtubers. I’m also a fan of pokemon, and I met Mod Spacey on a pokemon website!