anonymous said:

what happened to theribboncult? i mean it's alright if you can't upload videos or don't have the time

oh hey anon! It’s funny you asked! (like seriously perfect timing…Kinda creepy) As of those recent videos, thed’y been done mostly be Z4PH31L and myself. And well, Z4PH31L is away to college in Cali. and I’m over here in OR. So we don’t exactly see each other and can’t film videos together. We actually started talking about videos a couple days ago. AND, She will be back here for spring break!

We’re planning a big video with more than just us in it since we somehow seemed to have gotten so many subs (955). We’re really not sure why we have this man. It’s real cool.

SO some time near the middle and end of March we will have another video up!