TINY DEVOTIONS // hi beautifuls! today i had the lovely pleasure in promoting a piece that you might have seen before (when i went down to the beach last week) but i wanted to do a more official set because this company absolutely deserves it. first, their message and everything they stand for is beautiful. it’s all about feeling inner peace, inner zen if you will. just wearing the necklace makes me feel good, because i know it stands for something true and inspiring. get yours here ♡

their website // necklace // instagram

“DP wanted a quick shot of a wide birds eye view on a person laying on a table. To make sure the camera wouldn’t fall, we used a 6 by rail on two C-stands with 3 safety chains wrapped around the camera cage with 2 more C-stands securing the hi-hat. “

Submitted by Brad Otero


MILLMAN STREET // is a brand-spanking new shop that I’m obsessed with. It’s street style meets classic London vibe with a hint of grunge prep…which made me have to sneak onto a roof just to photograph it. I absolutely LOVE these pieces. First, of course, there is the Tired Youth tshirt which is so quality and so effortlessly chic. You know how much I love collared dresses, so this monochrome ‘80s inspired dress was one of my favorites. Then, the checkered trousers. Absolutely. Perfect. 

Site here // Instagram // Shop