Essa noite eu chorei tanto,não apenas essa noite mas… todas as noites desde que eu resolvi que não precisava de você,que conseguia não depender mais de você,que saberia ser feliz sem você,mas derrepente me veio a tua imagem a minha mente,os momentos que passamos juntos,nos beijos,nas conversas,nas juras de amor que faziamos um ao outro,nas risadas,nas nossas conversas,porque tinha que ser assim ? Você tinha que me decepcionar de alguma forma né? Sabe qual foi o meu erro? Ter acreditado de mais,ter me entregado de mais,tentar ser o melhor pra ti,me jogado de cabeça nisto tudo,pra depois me machucar. As vezes penso em ti,no que deve estar a fazer neste exato momento,mas penso também nas coisas que tu falava para mim,e imagino ter dito tambem a ela,penso tambem nas coisas que faziamos juntos e que tambem pode ter feito igualzinho com ela… Você me enganou direitinho hein? Agora eu não entendo o porque disto tudo,lembra que juramos um ao outro que iriamos falar somente a verdade? Que não iriamos enganar nem mentir? É né..  E o que irá acontecer agora? Vou tentar me recuperar e superar. Não é assim que todos fazem em relação a um coração partido ou a um amor não correspondido?
—  p.s - me explica o porque?
A little something to keep in mind this week

My mother’s best friend posted this on her page on Facebook today. She has a website known as ‘There is Only Love’ and she had this to say about this week:

“Venus squares Pluto this week, unveiling the unconscious shadow in our relationships. Of course that means we get to take a really close look at what we seem to hide within ourselves…within our relationship with self…and that obviously mirrors or projects out on our partners. Take a nice big deep breath and keep the focus on you. : )”

Keep that in mind, everyone, as you go through the rest of this week!*

Landed in Chicagoland! Here to (1) visit my sister at university, (2) surprise my parents at home, and (3) attend a conference on integrative medicine. Oh I also need to study for my huge exam on Monday. First thing my sister gives me is a #giraffelove poster, and I happen to be wearing my #giraffelove tank top! How did she know?! #thereisonlylove and #loveislittlesisters #nofilter

Didn’t want to leave my bed, didn’t want to skip breakfast, didn’t want to walk in the cold morning air. But I did. Because I’m beginning to understand what my body needs versus what it wants. Indulging in sleep is usually a want, but I definitely needed this 6:30a yoga practice. Thank you, self. #thereisonlylove

NSCIM 2013. The only conference in town where you can show up in comfortable yoga clothes, sit cross legged barefoot on the floor in the middle of lecture, journey your way to the time before the Big Bang, and finish Day 1 with a 150+ person meditation. #thereisonlylove

How I feel about running: After edition. I always forget how wonderful running is when I become ‘too busy’ to run. I forget how awesome it is to run past the spot where I almost threw up last time and had to walk home with defeat. I forget how nice it is to have the wind in my hair, and my pony tail swing at the rhythm of my steps. How exhilarating it is to see your front step at the end of the street and muster up the energy to pump your arms and legs a little faster. To be the only night runner out there, pounding the pavement because you can. Running is a beautiful gift. (As is the post shower and dinner :) #beautifulrun #ifeelgood #thereisonlylove

Words of affirmation is one of my biggest love languages and I have received so many encouraging and love filled notes and letters in the last few days. So grateful for all the wonderful people I have in my life. You know who you are ❤️ #thereisonlylove